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Heart's Desire

The morning sun glows through the window of the café as Abigail busily prepares to open. Jack enters as Mary Graves emerges from the back. Abigail explains that Mary has agreed to run the café while Abigail travels to Hamilton. Abigail’s heard nothing from Peter’s widow Clara since the trial and has grown very concerned. The trip will also give Abigail a chance to visit Elizabeth. The opportunity is one Jack can’t resist and he asks Abigail to send Elizabeth his regards.

In the saloon the new mayor and Lee Coulter discuss business. Mayor Gowen has decided that Lee will need not one, but two permits for the new mill. The permits are not cheap and are clearly a message to Lee. Across the saloon Rosemary makes an equally jarring announcement. Two men representing the producer Wallace Zellman showed up to offer Rosemary the starring role in a musical in San Francisco! Rehearsals begin in a few days meaning Rosemary will be leaving Hope Valley immediately.

At the train station in Hamilton Elizabeth cheerfully greets Abigail. The mood changes when Elizabeth mentions Bill Avery. Abigail rolls her eyes at the sound of his name and the two women head off to catch up on lost time. At the mansion Abigail meets Mr. & Mrs. Thatcher. The Thatchers express their concern for Clara and her situation. Mr. Stanton is so moved he insists on contacting the Mounties to aid in the search. The somber mood doesn’t last and joy takes over when Viola and Sir Lionel arrive to announce their engagement.

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