Season Premiere Sunday February 23 8pm/7c


The sudden and unexpected arrival of Caroline, Cody and Becky’s aunt, has sent shockwaves through Hope Valley. Sitting in the café with Abigail, Caroline explains that she and the children’s mother Lydia were sisters. Their parents disowned Lydia when she eloped with Becky and Cody’s father. Caroline was in Paris when she learned that her sister had been killed in a car accident. She returned home and hired an investigator to track down the children. Caroline now wants to move the children to her estate in Davenport. Abigail is devastated when she hears that Caroline wants to take the children. Sensing the change Caroline incredulously asks, “You didn’t think they would be staying here?” Abigail, still reeling, says she doesn’t know what to think right now. Caroline says she’ll return in the evening to meet the children. Abigail agrees on the condition that she tells the children what’s going on.

Outside, Nora Avery and Henry Gowen walk arm in arm as they turn the corner to retrieve Henry’s car. As they approach the car they see Jack and Bill searching Gowen’s vehicle. Just as Henry demands to know what they are looking for Bill removes a small sack of tree spikes from the back seat. The spikes are the same ones used to sabotage Lee Coulter’s mill. Jack informs Henry that he will need to come with him, handcuffing him and placing him under arrest.

Across town, Faith and Edith exit the mercantile carrying bags of supplies for the settlers.
Jack is also there helping load supplies and, sensing something is bothering Edith, he asks if everything is ok. She tells him that while she doesn’t want to be ungrateful, his talking to her ex-husband Roy got her hopes up for nothing. Jack still believes Roy will come around but Edith politely asks that he not to do anything else. As the wagon pulls away Jack turns to Faith and admits that he messed up. Recognizing that his heart is in the right place, Faith tells him that sometimes it takes more than just words to make someone change.

Walking out of the saloon, Rosemary and James Addison discuss the upcoming movie, "The Reluctant Bride." Not only is James a big fan of her work but Rosemary may also be the key to saving the picture. James originally came to shut down the picture when the lead actress quit after being offered a bigger deal with a rival company. But instead of shutting down the picture James now wants Rosemary to take on the lead role. James believes Rosemary’s got what it takes to be a star and tells her that with the right opportunity, she could have quite a career.

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