Recap: Heartbreak - Season 3 - Episode 7

An unexpected newcomer to Hope Valley puts the future of Abigail's new family in jeopardy; Bill and Jack close in on discovering the sawmill's saboteur.

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The sudden and unexpected arrival of Caroline, Cody and Becky’s aunt, has sent shockwaves through Hope Valley. Sitting in the café with Abigail, Caroline explains that she and the children’s mother Lydia were sisters. Their parents disowned Lydia when she eloped with Becky and Cody’s father. Caroline was in Paris when she learned that her sister had been killed in a car accident. She returned home and hired an investigator to track down the children. Caroline now wants to move the children to her estate in Davenport. Abigail is devastated when she hears that Caroline wants to take the children. Sensing the change Caroline incredulously asks, “You didn’t think they would be staying here?” Abigail, still reeling, says she doesn’t know what to think right now. Caroline says she’ll return in the evening to meet the children. Abigail agrees on the condition that she tells the children what’s going on.

Outside, Nora Avery and Henry Gowen walk arm in arm as they turn the corner to retrieve Henry’s car. As they approach the car they see Jack and Bill searching Gowen’s vehicle. Just as Henry demands to know what they are looking for Bill removes a small sack of tree spikes from the back seat. The spikes are the same ones used to sabotage Lee Coulter’s mill. Jack informs Henry that he will need to come with him, handcuffing him and placing him under arrest.

Across town, Faith and Edith exit the mercantile carrying bags of supplies for the settlers.
Jack is also there helping load supplies and, sensing something is bothering Edith, he asks if everything is ok. She tells him that while she doesn’t want to be ungrateful, his talking to her ex-husband Roy got her hopes up for nothing. Jack still believes Roy will come around but Edith politely asks that he not to do anything else. As the wagon pulls away Jack turns to Faith and admits that he messed up. Recognizing that his heart is in the right place, Faith tells him that sometimes it takes more than just words to make someone change.

Walking out of the saloon, Rosemary and James Addison discuss the upcoming movie, "The Reluctant Bride." Not only is James a big fan of her work but Rosemary may also be the key to saving the picture. James originally came to shut down the picture when the lead actress quit after being offered a bigger deal with a rival company. But instead of shutting down the picture James now wants Rosemary to take on the lead role. James believes Rosemary’s got what it takes to be a star and tells her that with the right opportunity, she could have quite a career.

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Walking back to the café, Elizabeth and Abigail discuss Caroline’s arrival and her plans to move Cody and Becky to Davenport. When they return to the café they are surprised to find Caroline and the children inside sitting together. Cody immediately runs to Abigail and asks if it’s true that they are going to live with Caroline. Abigail takes a deep and tells him yes before he storms off upstairs. In his room, teary eyed, Cody tells Abigail that he doesn’t want to leave. Abigail tries to console him, promising to write, to visit and to keep his room exactly as it is now. Downstairs Caroline admits to Elizabeth that she didn’t think her arrival would cause so many hurt feelings. Realizing that her niece and nephew are deeply upset about the prospect of moving, Caroline turns to Becky and inviters her to breakfast the next day. Caroline hopes that they can get to know each other and that maybe she’ll be able to convince Cody and Becky that the move will be good for everyone.

Down at the mine, Jack returns the money Roy had left for Edith. Jack explains that Edith didn’t want the money but that he thinks Roy should keep trying. Exasperated, Roy says he wasn’t ready to settle down and that they should never have gotten married. Roy’s convinced that it’s too late for him and Edith, but Jack things they still have a chance. Jack tries to encourage Roy to at least talk to Edith, but Roy doesn’t see any point. Just then Jack pull out Edith’s locket with the picture of Roy and his son. Jack tells the young man he doesn’t need to be the perfect father or husband, he just needs to try.

At the saloon, Abigail angrily confronts Caroline about the scene in her home. Both she and Caroline agreed that Abigail would tell the children about Caroline and the move to Davenport. Abigail tells Caroline that despite being their aunt, she doesn’t seem to know what’s best for the children. Abigail tells Caroline that moving the children to Davenport is not, in her mind, a good idea. Caroline, feeling she’s tolerated enough, gives Abigail until Tuesday to pack the children’s things and, if Abigail is not satisfied with that, Caroline promises they can leave sooner.

The next morning at breakfast, Caroline does her best to get to know her niece and nephew. Caroline’s promises that Cody can keep playing baseball and that Becky can have a new pink wardrobe do little to convince the children. While resigned to their fate, neither Cody nor Becky is thrilled at the prospect of life in Davenport. Just then Elizabeth arrives to hurry the children off to school. As the children leave, Elizabeth glances at their plates and sees that they’ve hardly eaten. Caroline has also taken note and realizes that it’s not the food the children don’t like. Elizabeth explains that Cody was just starting to adjust and make friends, while Becky just discovered her passion for science and math. It’s then that Caroline explains that science and math will not be part of Becky’s future. The social season is about to begin and Caroline intends on presenting Becky as a debutant. Elizabeth is sure they will find time for both but Caroline is certain that being a debutant is far more important than studying math and science. Elizabeth is then left to contemplate such a talented young girl being robbed of the opportunity of an education.

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Nearby at the bank, the manager Mr. Jenkins explains to Jack that with so many people making withdrawals, the bank is in danger of shutting down just like the sawmill. Jack assures Mr. Jenkins that he’ll be there if anything happens. Mr. Jenkins thanks him then takes him aside for a personal word. He apologizes for not being able to approve the loan Jack wanted for the purchase of Mr. Besser’s land. With things at the sawmill being so tough, the bank has been forced to cut back on lending. In fact, they’ve only issued one loan this month and that was only because the person was able to provide half the down payment in cash. The person who secured the loan was none other than Barrett, the foreman of the sawmill. Hearing the news that Barrett had such a large amount of cash despite the mill being closed immediately raises red flags.

After his talk with Mr. Jenkins, Jack immediately goes to tell Bill what he’s learned. They had long suspected the saboteur was an inside man and learning that Barrett is flush with cash seems to point to him as the new suspect. It now obvious that Gowen was set up and that the culprit is also paying Barrett to sabotage the mill.

Back in the mercantile Elizabeth sees Caroline doing some shopping and takes the opportunity to talk with her about Hope Valley and what the town truly has to offer. She then steers the conversation to Caroline’s plans for Becky. Since learning that she’s to become a debutant, Becky has become withdrawn and sullen. When Elizabeth asks about her plans for Becky, Caroline tells her that she doesn’t want to see Becky throw away her life like their mother did. Caroline then explains that her sister married a man beneath her means. The sentiment is all too familiar to Elizabeth. She tells Caroline that Becky has a real gift and that Caroline’s dismissal of her dreams has caused her to give up on school and her desire to walk again. Elizabeth begs Caroline to come to the science fair to see first hand her niece’s talent.

In the woods just outside of town, Barrett ties his horse to a tree before approaching Tommy Northridge. Tommy hands over an envelope stuffed with cash before asking for an update on the plan. Barrett tells him that it won’t be much longer until Lee Coulter is out of business. Tommy tells Barrett that once he buys the mill, he’s going to promote Barrett to foreman of all his mills in the area. Just as he incriminates himself, Jack emerges from the brush, shotgun in hand. He tells the men that their deal will be pretty hard to make from a jail cell. Barrett immediately runs off with Jack hot in pursuit. Bill then emerges from the trees and, before Tommy Northridge can escape, Bill takes him into custody. Further down the trail Jack chases down Barrett, bringing an end to the saboteur’s operation.

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Back at the saloon the news of Barrett and Tommy Northridge has reached the ears of Nora Avery and Henry Gowen. While Nora is relieved, Gowen is still fuming at his earlier arrest. Henry is convinced that Bill won’t stop harassing him until he’s destroyed. He’s also none to pleased about Nora’s attitude about the entire affair. While she’s now divorced from Bill, she still believes that he is an honorable man. She continues to tell Gowen that that this entire situation was just a harmless mistake. Henry is having none of it and demands Nora choose either him or Bill.

Sitting in Lee’s office, Rosemary contemplates an impossible decision. On one hand, she has the opportunity of a lifetime to pursue her dreams in Hollywood. Rosemary knows that at her age, this may be her last opportunity for fame, but she also knows that fame comes at a cost. As she looks at Lee, she knows that in this case, the price of fame may be the love of her life. Lee, if only reluctantly, tells Rosemary that he understands and that if she truly feels that has to, then she should go. Rosemary tries to convince herself that she’d come back between pictures but both she and Lee know that she can't promise that. She tells Lee that he’s not making this decision any easier. Lee looks into her eyes and tells her that perhaps the best he can do is not make it any harder.

Back at the settlement camp Jack is busy helping Edith with her chores. Despite her asking him to stop helping, Jack refuses, saying he won’t stop when it’s something he cares about. He apologizes for getting her hopes up for Roy, then asks if it’s ok if he returns to work. She nods, but before Jack can move, a voice calls out saying, “That’s my job.” When Edith turns around, she sees her ex-husband Roy. Through tears, he asks for Edith’s forgiveness. While he is still unsure if he can be a good husband, he wants them to be a family. Edith holds up the baby and asks if Roy would like to meet his son. He nods and the family shares their first hug together.

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The next day Elizabeth’s schoolroom is filled with her students’ science projects. The judge is thrilled with all the impressive projects, but he is immediately taken with Becky’s. Even more impressive than the model is Becky’s command of the engineering principles that make up her design and working model. The judge remarks at how advanced the level of her work is before awarding her the first place ribbon. The judge says that even if she doesn’t win in the final round, Becky should be enrolled in a technical university that can develop her talent. The judge then asks Becky to join him at the head of the class for a photo. Becky again hesitates but with a little help from her classmate, she rises to her feet and crosses the room for her photo.

The next day, much of the town has gathered at the coach stand to bid Becky and Cody farewell. As Cody tearfully hugs Abigail goodbye he begs her not to let go. She struggles to fight back the tears before telling him that she has to. Watching the scene, Caroline realizes just how big a mistake she’s making. She steps forward and tells the children that they don’t have to go. Seeing the children in Hope Valley with their friends and new family convinced Caroline that what’s best for them is to stay where they are. Both children get to stay with Abigail and, if Becky doesn’t win the scholarship, Caroline and her husband will pay for her to attend the best university in the country. Just like that, Becky, Cody and Abigail are a family again.

As the moon rises over the church Rosemary sits alone in her bridal costume. Lee walks up and sees that the lights and the crew are gone. The entire crew packed up and left after Rosemary told Mr. Addison that she couldn’t leave for Hollywood. Even if moving pictures are the future, Rosemary realized that her future is in Hope Valley. But all is not lost for Rosemary because Lee does have another role she would be perfect for. And so, he bends down on one knee and takes her hand. Staring into her eyes, he asks Rosemary to be his wife. With a beaming smile, she tells him yes, of course.