Recap: Heart of Truth - Season 4 - Episode 2

When Robert tells a lie about seeing a bear and becomes a town hero, Elizabeth has to coax the truth from him.

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Abigail is working hard in the kitchen when Bill surprises her with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Happy with the daisies, Bill tells her he found them left at the front door. Abigail assumes they are from Frank, who knows her affinity for the flower. Frank later shows up and tells Abigail the flowers are not from him.

While at the post office, Elizabeth runs into Rosemary and confides in her that she is still waiting to hear back about the book manuscript that she sent out weeks ago. Rosemary’s only advice is not lose hope.

Later on that day, Lee shares in some wonderful news with Rosemary: he landed the railroad contract. But that also means he has to travel to Union City for work, which leaves Rosemary disappointed, since she and her husband haven’t had any recent alone time.

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Abigail meets with the Pacific Railroad’s Ray Wyatt to try to convince them to reroute their track map so it doesn’t affect the farmers’ land. He tells her that it is too late to change the route of the railroad and it would be too costly to fix now. As she is about to leave, Ray asks Abigail if she liked the flowers he left on her cafe’s doorstep.

After school, Elizabeth walks her student Laura home only to find the girl’s father, Jeb, yelling at the railroad surveyors working on his land. Jeb tells Elizabeth that he hopes that somebody will stop them from going through with the railroad, Elizabeth reminds him that Abigail hasn’t made her decision, yet.

Bill is closing up the cafe and finds he has one customer left in the restaurant: Rosemary. He offers her up a shoulder to cry on. She tells Bill that she is bored out of her mind with Lee out of town. Bill offers Rosemary a job at the cafe, since the business is growing with the railroad workers setting up shop in Hope Valley.

Jack and Elizabeth are having dinner at the house and she tells him she received a letter from one of the publishers about her manuscript. Too nervous to open it herself, she asks Jack to do it for her. The letter is a rejection, and although Jack tries to convince Elizabeth to not give up so easily, she doesn’t want to hear his advice.

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The next morning, Abigail and Elizabeth share a cup of coffee at the cafe. Rosemary interrupts to tell Abigail of a few suggestions she has for the menu. Abigail is shocked to learn that Bill has hired her to work at the café.

At the school, Elizabeth makes Robert the recess monitor. While trying to usher Opal back into class, he makes up a lie about spotting a bear. The rumor quickly grows throughout the town and Jack ultimately confronts him about the so-called bear spotting. Both Elizabeth and Jack suspect Robert is lying and Elizabeth vows to get to the truth.

Bill confronts Jack with news that Jack has been offered a job with the crime unit up north. Jack assures Bill he hasn’t made a final decision, yet and Bill tells him he will figure it out.

Bill heads to Jed’s to talk try to persuade him to cooperate with the railroad. Once he arrives, he finds a small fire at the camp of the surveyors and they quickly suspect Jed has set it. Ray offers the fire as proof to why they need someone like Bill to head the railroad’s security. After some clever negotiating, Bill takes the job.

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The next day at school, Cyrus and Laura get into a fight when Cyrus accuses Laura’s father Jed of starting the fire, an accusation that Laura vehemently denies. Elizabeth assures Laura that Cyrus is just being defensive because his father works for the railroad.

Faith meets Ray and the two share some pleasant conversation. With Faith visibly smitten, Elizabeth warns her that Ray may be charming but he also has a job that takes him from city to city. She advises that Faith should take that into consideration before being wooed by him.

Elizabeth intends on making Robert tell the truth about the bear and assigns him to read the book about the boy who cried wolf. Before Robert can come clean about his lie, Opal’s parents arrive and give Robert a shiny coin for saving their daughter from the terrifying bear he claims he saw. Robert accepts the gift, much to Elizabeth’s dismay.

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While Lee is away in Union City, Jesse manages to talk himself into an office job at the lumber mill. When Lee discovers Jesse’s ruse, he assigns him to work on a logging crew to teach him about working his way from the bottom to the top. Thankful for the opportunity, Jesse eagerly takes the job.

Bill catches Robert making an attempt to run away from home. Robert admits that he lied and needs to leave town. Bill kindly shares a similar story about a lesson he learned when he told a lie as a child. The moral of the story was that Bill came clean about his lie and cleared his conscience at the same time. He recommends Robert do the same. Robert obliges and tells Elizabeth the truth about making up the story of the bear, and that he is going to return the coin to Opal’s parents.

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Jack has a sweet surprise for Elizabeth back at the house. He presents her a leather bound book of all her written stories, and even provided the illustrations inside the book to go with her words. A tearful Elizabeth calls it the gift perfect. Jack tells her that her writing inspires him and he wanted to have the honor of being her first publisher.

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While at breakfast, Lee gets inspired when reading Rosemary’s column in the paper about overworked husbands and their neglected wives. Later that day, Rosemary comes home to find Lee in the backyard. He is surrounded by fresh flowers, music playing and offers her a glass of champagne. He apologizes for his busy schedule and tells her to get used to this kind of romantic treatment every weekend.

That evening, Jack tells Elizabeth about his job offer up north, but that he turned it down. His life is with her, in Hope Valley.

At the town hall, Abigail agrees to hold a vote on the Pacific Railroad’s proposal. The vote ends in a tie and it is up to Abigail to cast the deciding vote. She tells Ray and the rest of Hope Valley that she will vote against the railroad’s current proposal, presenting an alternate route instead. A disappointed Wyatt walks out of the meeting, leaving both the town and Abigail herself to wonder if she’s made a mistake.