Heart of Truth

Season 4 - Episode 3

Abigail is working hard in the kitchen when Bill surprises her with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Happy with the daisies, Bill tells her he found them left at the front door. Abigail assumes they are from Frank, who knows her affinity for the flower. Frank later shows up and tells Abigail the flowers are not from him.

While at the post office, Elizabeth runs into Rosemary and confides in her that she is still waiting to hear back about the book manuscript that she sent out weeks ago. Rosemary’s only advice is not lose hope.

Later on that day, Lee shares in some wonderful news with Rosemary: he landed the railroad contract. But that also means he has to travel to Union City for work, which leaves Rosemary disappointed, since she and her husband haven’t had any recent alone time.

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