Recap: Heart of a Writer - Season 7 - Episode 7

Elizabeth goes on a trip with Lucas and must face her growing feelings for him. Jesse and Clara adjust to sharing a home. Lee & Rosemary are challenged with watching Little Jack.

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Nathan surprises Elizabeth by bringing her an apple at school during recess. He says it’s for Ally’s favorite teacher. Elizabeth says just to be clear, Ally was already getting an A. As Nathan leaves, he sees Lucas going to visit Elizabeth and tells him to hurry before recess ends.

Lucas enters the school to ask Elizabeth to go see Virginia Woolf do a reading on Saturday night. He tells her to think about it and let him know. Virginia Woolf will be discussing women in publishing, which he thinks is right up Elizabeth’s alley.

Bill, Carson, Rosemary and Lee greet newlyweds, Jesse and Clara, as they return from their honeymoon. Rosemary wants to know if they saw any stars in Los Angeles, but they admit they were not looking for any. Carson gives them their wedding photos.

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Elizabeth admits to Rosemary that Lucas has asked her to join him at an event to see Virginia Woolf. Elizabeth is obviously going to tell him no as Little Jack needs to be watched and she would have to stay overnight. She is mostly worried saying yes will give Lucas the wrong idea, and then there is also Nathan. Rosemary tells her to forget all of that and asks what she wants to do. Elizabeth says, “I want to go,” much to Rosemary’s delight.

When Lucas enters Henry’s office, Henry quickly hides his books. Lucas asks if Henry has a cash flow problem as he should know as a partner. Lucas wants to be kept informed of these issues moving forward. He also asks to borrow Henry’s car.

Jesse and Clara arrive home. Jesses carries her across the threshold and gives her a kiss.

Henry goes to Carson’s office and asks for something to help his indigestion. Carson first needs to conduct an exam. He finds Henry’s blood pressure is quite high and may be due to stress. Carson prescribes Henry take some time off from work.

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Elizabeth tells Lucas she would love to go with him to the reading. She does not want to presume anything but wants to make it clear this is not a date. Lucas is happy to escort her to the event in whatever manner makes her comfortable.

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Jesse brings his personal belongings home. It is a lot less than Clara expected. When she asks why he did not bring his favorite leather chair, he says its old and broken. As Clara leaves to put his items upstairs, Jesse looks uneasy.

Bill hears Lucas has big weekend plans. Lucas wonders what Elizabeth told him. Bill says he heard they are going to Union City as friends. Lucas interrupts their conversation to serve Mike. He asks Mike if Henry has any cash flow issues. Mike does not know as Henry took over the books.

Elizabeth tells Rosemary that she will be going to the reading with Lucas. Rosemary is happy to watch Little Jack. Elizabeth has never been away from the baby overnight. Rosemary reminds her that once in a while you are allowed to do something that is just for you. Elizabeth asks one other favor. She needs to borrow something to wear as she is going to the Yorkton, a very elegant theatre, for the reading.

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Lucas arrives to pick up Elizabeth. She says goodbye to Little Jack and thanks Rosemary. Lucas assures Little Jack that he’ll bring his mother back safe and sound.

Clara spots Jesse giving away his possessions, including his favorite chair, to Kevin. Ally also spots something alarming - Elizabeth and Lucas driving out of town.

Rosemary and Lee cannot believe how much of a nervous Nellie Elizabeth was when leaving Little Jack. As they carry Little Jack on a walk, they run into Nathan who wonders if they are giving Elizabeth a break. They dodge the awkward encounter without revealing Elizabeth’s whereabouts. Nathan then gets odd looks from Florence and Molly, who act strangely around him knowing Elizabeth is out with Lucas.

Carson finds Henry at work. He insists Henry take care of himself as all the money in the world means nothing if he is not around to enjoy it. Henry promises to take tomorrow off.

Elizabeth and Lucas enjoy a picnic together. He can tell she is thinking of Little Jack. She is also curious what Virginia Woolf will be like as she has heard she is eccentric. Lucas says it comes with great talent, which Elizabeth herself should know. Elizabeth appreciates his compliment and the invite. Lucas says the pleasure is all his.

Ally finds Nathan in his office and asks if he knew something that would upset someone would he tell them. Nathan knows where this is going and tells Ally to let him have it and tell him what is going on.

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Lucas and Elizabeth arrive at the hotel. The front desk calls Elizabeth Mrs. Bouchard. Lucas insists it was an honest mistake and assures her they have separate rooms.

Rosemary cannot find Little Jack’s favorite toy, Dog. He needs his toy to fall asleep. Lee looks around town for Dog. Meanwhile, Rosemary tries to get Little Jack to eat something. She tries broccoli, peas and even a cookie. Unable to find Dog, Lee brings Little Jack a stuffed duck. Little Jack takes the duck and throws it on the floor.

Bill noticed Jesse did not move much into his new space. Jesse feels Clara likes to keep a tidy house and he does not want to mess anything up.

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Later, Bill finds Nathan chopping wood and guesses he heard about Elizabeth and Lucas. Nathan says it does not bother him as they are free to go wherever they want. Bill can tell Nathan may need to talk and decides he also suddenly has the urge to chop wood.

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Elizabeth joins Lucas in the lobby. He says she looks beautiful. After the event they go to dinner. Lucas orders Champagne and Elizabeth recounts what it was like to meet Virginia Woolf -- she feels she must have talked her ear off. Elizabeth asks what Lucas thought of the book’s ending. Lucas admits he has not read the whole book. She assumes it is because he is more of a fan of her short stories. Lucas admits no, not particularly. Elizabeth realizes Lucas bought the tickets just because she is a fan of Virginia Woolf.

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Clara tells Bill about Jesse not bringing a lot of his belongings into the house. Bill even noticed Jesse leaves his boots by the door. Bill feels it is a big step moving in and Jesse may be having trouble feeling like he can fit in.

Lucas asks if Elizabeth misses theater and fine dining. She did not think she did but after tonight it is hard not to. However, she could not imagine raising Little Jack anywhere else but Hope Valley. Lucas admits he was also drawn to Hope Valley to start a family but assures her he is not in a rush. He learned patience from his father is key in finding a soul mate. He tells Elizabeth he will know his soul mate when he meets her and will wait as long as it takes to win her heart.

Rosemary finally put Little Jack to sleep but cannot remember ever seeing him this fussy. Lee attempts to make dinner and wakes the baby after pulling open a particularly creaky cabinet.

While eating their dinner, Clara notices Jesse is not wearing any shoes. Clara tells him to bring his boots into the house. She also mentions seeing him give his chair to Kevin. Jesse feels his boots are too muddy and his chair would not have fit. Clara takes it upon herself to talk to Kevin and find out what else Jesse gave him.

As Rosemary, Lee and Little Jack take a walk they stop and visit Dr. Carson. As Carson types Little Jack is pleased. They realize the sound of typing reminds him of his mom. Lee and Rosemary start typing at home to calm the baby. Later, Elizabeth picks up Little Jack and tells Rosemary the trip was perfect. Once alone, Rosemary and Lee plop on their chair to relax. Lee feels a lump and finds Dog stuck between the cushions.

Jesse returns home and finds his belongings there. He admits he gave them away. Clara knows it’s hard for him to move into this space but while they are there temporarily, she still wants it to be a home that reflects them both.

Elizabeth and Little Jack run into Nathan and Ally at the market. Ally pulls Nathan away to get ice cream. As they depart Nathan says, “Welcome back,” alerting Elizabeth he knows where she has been.