Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Heart of a Teacher

Season 4 - Episode 6

Elizabeth charges over to the Mayor’s office to confront Henry after discovering she has been replaced at the school. Henry defends his decision, having received a letter from a former superintendent of the Western territory, Thomas Higgins. Higgins claims that Elizabeth only got her teaching job through her influential last name and parents’ wealth. She vows that she won’t cave in and storms out.

Back at the café, Elizabeth tells Jack and Abigail what happened. Jack wants to prove the letter is a forgery, but she says the letter is very much real. She admits that when she was going to transfer schools West, her mother offered money to the superintendent to keep Elizabeth in Hamilton. She headed West, anyway, but adds a sinister twist to the backstory. She says that when she confronted Higgins to turn down his offer to stay in Hamilton, he made advances towards her and she rejected them. Thus, it makes sense that he would exact revenge by writing the damaging letter. She tells both Jack and Abigail she has to head to Camp Fullerton to confront Higgins, in person. Jack can’t leave immediately because he has to accompany the Tate Brothers to Union City for trial, so Abigail offers to go, instead.

Meanwhile, back at the school, Elizabeth’s replacement, Mr. Stoneman, is not only a stern teacher but also strict one.

Bill lets Ray know about his suspicions over Henry’s charges being dropped. Ray nips them in the bud and tells Bill that business comes first. Now that Henry is Mayor, he wants Bill to reach out to him and clear the air between the two. Ray promises a bonus in Bill’s next paycheck if he does so.

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