Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Heart of a Secret

Season 4 - Episode 10

Elizabeth runs into Phillip and his father, Shane, while out for a walk and tells Shane how proud she is of Phillip’s progress in school. Shane is easily distracted when Faith walks by. Elizabeth notices and encourages Shane to just ask Faith to dinner.

Cody is surprised when Abigail brings his sister, Becky, back into town for his birthday. She is home from school break and tells Cody she wouldn’t miss his birthday for anything.

Dottie and Florence are celebrating the upcoming opening of Dottie’s dress shop when they are approached by a beautiful woman looking for Carson. She then asks where she can find a hotel to stay for the night.

Rosemary pays Abigail a visit at the café, offering to volunteer with updating the newly re-appointed mayor’s look. Now that Rosemary is working at the dress shop, she is ready to put her talents to good use. Abigail politely declines the offer with a laugh and says she is happy with her look.

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