Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Heart of a Fighter

Season 4 - Episode 11

Abigail and Elizabeth are at the infirmary anxiously waiting to hear why Cody collapsed. Faith tells them that Cody is suffering from appendicitis and will need his appendix removed. The only problem is there are currently no doctors in Hope Valley who can perform the surgery. Elizabeth suggests tracking down Carson and convincing him to do the job. She reaches out to Bill, who enlists in the help of Jesse and Lee to hit the mountains in search of the doctor.

Elizabeth spots Carson in the woods and pleads with him to return back to Hope Valley to save Cody’s life. Carson tells Elizabeth that he is not ready to perform another surgery, especially since the last surgery he performed two years ago was his wife, who died on the table. Carson tells Elizabeth he will return to perform an exam on Cody, but doesn’t make any promises to do more.

Carson rushes to Cody’s side and is able to detect where his swollen appendix is. Before he can continue his exam, he is interrupted by a Dr. Strom who tells Carson he will be taking over. He excuses Carson, Abigail and Elizabeth from Cody’s room.

At their house, Rosemary notices Lee acting distant and calls him out on his unusual behavior. Lee begs Rosemary to not press him on it and heads to bed, leaving Rosemary concerned.

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