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Recap: Heart of a Fighter - Season 4 - Episode 10

The town gathers around Abigail as Cody fights for his life; Carson comes to terms with his past and gets a chance at redemption.

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Abigail and Elizabeth are at the infirmary anxiously waiting to hear why Cody collapsed. Faith tells them that Cody is suffering from appendicitis and will need his appendix removed. The only problem is there are currently no doctors in Hope Valley who can perform the surgery. Elizabeth suggests tracking down Carson and convincing him to do the job. She reaches out to Bill, who enlists in the help of Jesse and Lee to hit the mountains in search of the doctor.

Elizabeth spots Carson in the woods and pleads with him to return back to Hope Valley to save Cody’s life. Carson tells Elizabeth that he is not ready to perform another surgery, especially since the last surgery he performed two years ago was his wife, who died on the table. Carson tells Elizabeth he will return to perform an exam on Cody, but doesn’t make any promises to do more.

Carson rushes to Cody’s side and is able to detect where his swollen appendix is. Before he can continue his exam, he is interrupted by a Dr. Strom who tells Carson he will be taking over. He excuses Carson, Abigail and Elizabeth from Cody’s room.

At their house, Rosemary notices Lee acting distant and calls him out on his unusual behavior. Lee begs Rosemary to not press him on it and heads to bed, leaving Rosemary concerned.

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Back at Abigail’s, Dr. Strom has an update. He tells her that despite what Carson thinks, Cody doesn’t have appendicitis and just has a case of the flu. When Carson stands by his findings, Dr. Strom cuts him off and says Cody doesn’t need surgery. Carson argues with Dr. Strom, but he’s quickly reminded of the death of his wife. Abigail agrees to wait until morning to see how Cody is doing. A frustrated Carson walks out. Elizabeth runs after him and begs Carson to stay in Hope Valley for just one more day. He agrees to Elizabeth’s request.

Elizabeth finds a distracted Rosemary and asks what is wrong. Rosemary tells her that she is concerned with Lee and knows he is keeping something from her. Elizabeth challenges Rosemary to get to the bottom of Lee’s troubles.

Carson finds Dr. Strom drinking at the saloon and tells him that maybe he should lay off the booze in case he has to perform a last-minute surgery. Dr. Strom tells Carson he won’t take advice from a former doctor whose wife died on the operating table. Carson tells the doctor he wasn’t there and has no idea the circumstances of what happened. The fight turns physical and Bill breaks it up, telling both men to call it a night.

Back at the house, Rosemary gets Lee to open up about his troubles. Lee shares that Cody reminds him of his brother, Patrick, who died when he was just a boy. He tearfully recalls Patrick wanting Lee to read a book to him one night and Lee saying he was too tired; his brother died that night. Rosemary comforts her husband as he shares this emotional memory.

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At the infirmary, Carson stops by to check on Cody. Faith tells him Cody seems to be getting worse, and after a brief examination, Carson tells her Cody’s appendix is about to burst. Faith offers to go get Dr. Strom, but Carson tells her that he saw the doctor at the saloon and he is no shape to perform surgery. Instead, they get Abigail to rush Cody to a hospital. Carson also tells Abigail that if Cody doesn’t have the surgery, he will die, and it is time she trusts him with removing the appendix. Before excusing Abigail from the infirmary, she begs him to not let her boy die.

Abigail is comforted by Elizabeth, Lee and Rosemary. Lee assures Abigail she made the right decision for Carson to perform the surgery and everything will be fine.

Bill heads to the jail and tells Henry that his arraignment has been scheduled. Henry has a favor to ask from Bill: he wants to stay in Hope Valley until he finds out more about Cody. When Bill wants to know why Henry cares so much about Abigail, Henry responds by asking Bill the same question.

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The next morning Carson heads to Abigail’s to give her an update. He tells everyone that Cody’s appendix has been successfully removed, but he is still unconscious, because he lost a lot of blood and is running a high fever. Dr. Strom storms in and wants answers to Carson’s actions and tells him that he will be reporting Carson to the medical board. Abigail chimes in to tell Dr. Strom that she gave Carson the permission to operate. The doctor tells Carson he is leaving town since he is not needed. If Cody dies, it will be on his conscience. Carson apologizes to Abigail that she had to hear such harsh words. Later that morning, Bill runs into Carson and thanks him for performing the surgery on Cody.

At the mercantile, Elizabeth runs into Carson’s former sister-in-law, who still holds a grudge over the death of her sister. Elizabeth confronts Marlise before she can send a wire to the medical board telling them about Carson’s unlawful surgery on Cody. Elizabeth begs Marlise to stop being so angry and learn about forgiveness.

At the infirmary, Abigail is at Cody’s bedside, begging him to not give up. She vows to not leave until Cody wakes up. Meanwhile, Bill helps run things at the café and catches up with Lee. Dottie Florence walks in asking if the men will be joining the afternoon prayer circle service for Cody. Both men say they wouldn’t miss it.

The citizens of Hope Valley to pour into the church to listen Frank’s prayer for Cody. Marlise even joins the packed room, just as the prayer service begins.

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The next morning at Back at the infirmary, Abigail wakes up and finds Carson checking Cody’s vital signs. Cody’s heart rate is normal and his fever broke. Abigail pleads with Cody to wake and, after a short pause, Cody squeezes Abigail’s hand. is still pleading with Cody to wake up. Carson tells her to go home and get some rest but just as she turns to leave, Cody’s eyes behind to flutter. HeCody mutters, “Where am I?” Abigail is so happy to see Cody awake that she is moved to tears, meanwhile, Faith tells Carson he should head home to get rest. On his way home, Carson is met by Marlise, who tells him she is letting go of her anger. It was unfair it was to blame Carson this whole time for her sister’s death. She also tells Carson he clearly is a wonderful doctor and she will no longer try to stand in his way.

Becky visits her younger brother at the infirmary and apologizes for not spending enough time with him. She promises Cody that when he gets better, she will make all the time in the world for him, even when he’s being an annoying little brother.

Abigail finds Bill escorting Henry out of town for his arraignment. She finds out that Henry asked to stay in jail one more night to wait for the prognosis on Cody. She gives him one final goodbye and he says he will be back in Hope Valley sooner than she thinks. Bill, on the other hand tells Henry to not get his hopes up. Abigail offers Henry a kiss on the cheek and tells him to take care of himself.

Back at Abigail’s Café, she finds Carson waiting on the customers. She tells him that he shouldn’t be a cook at the restaurant anymore and wants him to practice medicine, crediting him for saving Cody’s life. In turn, Carson responds that Cody saved him.

Elizabeth writes Jack a letter with an update of Cody and his recovery. She includes that Cody’s ordeal reminded her of how important it is to make time for those you love. She signs the letter “With all my heart, your dearest, Elizabeth.”

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Abigail throws Cody a birthday party with all his friends. Carson gives Frank and Bill an update that he is sticking around Hope Valley to practice medicine. Just then, Cody opens his present from Carson: a baseball bat. Cody then opens his present from Lee and Rosemary: the book, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” which originally belonged to his late brother, Patrick. Cody declares this the best birthday, ever! But Abigail gives him one more present: Cody’s official adoption papers. She explains to Cody that from now on, he can call her “Mom,” and tells Elizabeth she will never grow tired of hearing it.