Heart and Soul

As the stagecoach rumbles across the dirt road, a familiar voice calls out to Jack. Rosemary is eager to welcome Jack and Elizabeth home but she is caught off guard when she realizes Elizabeth isn’t in the coach. Jack explains Elizabeth’s mother is still ill but she’ll return as soon as her mother is well. Jack look around town and notices the many changes that have taken place since he left. When Rosemary tells him of the town’s new name, Jack smiles and says, “It fits.”

In Hamilton, Elizabeth is busy looking after her mother and spending time with her friend Charles. Charles’ attention toward Elizabeth does not go unnoticed by Julie. Envious over Elizabeth’s two suitors, Julie has decided to entertain the advances of a suitor of her own. Julie reveals that she received a letter from Jack’s rapscallion brother Tom. Remembering Julie’s brief infatuation with Nate Toliver, Elizabeth is less than thrilled the hear Julie has fallen for yet another black sheep.

Back in Hope Valley, Rosemary is busy helping Abigail ready for another busy day at the café. While her voluntary services have been helpful, the barrage of suggestions and critiques wears on Abigail. Fortunately today, Bill Avery drops by for a private word with Abigail. Bill is heading east to assist the Mounties in a criminal investigation and he wanted say goodbye before leaving. Staring into her eyes, he embraces Abigail and the two share a tender kiss.

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