Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Heart and Home

Children are playing in the street as Lee and Pastor Hogan discuss Hope Valley’s newest construction project. With the paint still drying on the schoolhouse and church, Lee is now preparing to build the promised theatre for Rosemary. While Lee extols the project’s virtues, the men come upon Abigail, on her way to the café. As they discuss the theatre, Abigail catches sight of Bill Avery. Still on uncertain terms, the sight of Bill is enough to make Abigail end her conversation and hastily make her way to the café.

Out at the pond, Jack rides up to the schoolhouse for an impromptu visit. Inside, the broken stove has Elizabeth and her students bundled up for class. As Jack does his best to fix the stove the students begin peppering Elizabeth with questions about her and Jack. A few children speculate that Elizabeth is in fact going to marry the handsome gentleman from Hamilton. Flustered, Elizabeth threatens the children with extra homework and the topic quickly returns to class.

In the saloon, Gowen has summoned Lee Coulter to discuss the pending railroad. Still stinging from Gowen’s move to relocate the railroad away from the mill, Lee is not convinced by Gowen’s argument that the new location is better for the town. Gowen’s new plan will tax local businesses in order to pay for new roadways and a train depot. And, with the most to gain, Lee will be saddled with most of the cost. The measure, already approved by the town council, could break Lee and destroy the future of Hope Valley.

Back on Main Street, Elizabeth rushes to the jail to see Jack. She and Jack both received telegrams about an automobile accident involving Tom and Julie. Julie is fine, but Jack’s received no word on Tom’s condition. Elizabeth’s family is furious and Julie is refusing to speak to anyone. The situation is so serious that Elizabeth and Jack must immediately return to Hamilton.

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