Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Healing Heart

Season 4 - Episode 8

Elizabeth finds herself some alone time to write in her journal. She calls it the best of times because she is now engaged to her great love, Jack, but also the worst of times because he has been on duty for the last two weeks in the northern territories.

Back at the café, Abigail and Carson are preparing for their morning. Abigail is a bit alarmed that routine customer Elizabeth hasn’t stopped by yet. Carson tells her he saw Elizabeth writing alone up the hill. Abigail tracks Elizabeth down, and Elizabeth confesses how blue she is since Jack left and even sadder that he hasn’t written her since leaving Hope Valley.

Elizabeth is preparing for a day at the school and gets two new students, Earl and Chad Wyatt, Ray’s nephews. She learns the boys’ father works for the railroad as well, and that their mother is deceased.

Rosemary is getting breakfast ready for Lee before he takes off for work and is shocked to see he is suffering from laryngitis and can’t talk. She wants him to stay home and he insists that he needs to go to the office and work on the railroad account. If he is going to work, Rosemary is going to the office, too!

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