Forever in My Heart

On a cold and rainy day on the frontier, Jack and Bill arrive at the mill for another talk with Lee Coulter. The accidents at the mill are costing Lee even more contracts and forcing him to cut back on shifts. The situation couldn’t be more dire for Lee and the mill and Jack and Bill still don’t have any suspects. Hoping to learn more, Lee has provided them with a list of all his employees. It’s a shot in the dark, especially since Lee hasn’t fired anyone since the mill opened. But with the situation escalating, Jack and Bill have no other choice but to start interviewing the workers.

Away from the mill a more lighthearted tone has swept across the town. In the café Cody bursts in waving a letter over his head. His sister Becky has written to tell him she’s getting better and that she’ll be leaving the hospital soon. Cody can hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of seeing his sister and having her join his new family in Hope Valley.

Outside town in the settler camp, Jack and Faith arrive to distribute much needed provisions. Frank Hogan is away testifying in the Garrison Gang trial so Jack has volunteered to help. While at the camp Jack and Faith run into Edith, the young mother whose baby Faith treated for fever. The young mother looks tired and worn out and when Jack asks about her husband, Edith explains that he left before she gave birth to their child. He notices that Edith’s tent is in need of several repairs and offers to help. Edith is reluctant at first but Jack insists and she relents.

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