Recap: Family Matters - Season 7 - Episode 3

Lucas gives his thoughts on Elizabeth's writing, Nathan investigates his father's crime, Jesse & Clara plan for their wedding, and Faith must make a decision about medical school.

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Faith and Carson talk about the possibility of Faith going back to school to become a doctor. Archie Grant tries to plea his innocence with Nathan. Allie visits Elizabeth and asks to move in with her. Rosemary and Lee take Baby Jack to church and invite Allie to join them as Elizabeth goes to speak to Nathan.

Following church, Nathan asks Bill to question Archie as it may be a conflict of interest since he is his father. Nathan breaks the news to Allie that she can’t move out. Allie asks permission to see her grandfather. When Nathan says no, she storms off. When Fiona asks Kevin to make a part for the phone switchboard, the two flirt. While Bill questions Archie, Nathan talks to Lucas about his father’s stay at the saloon.

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Bill regroups with Nathan sharing that Archie insists he didn’t steal anything. Bill believes him but also agrees that Archie is hiding something. Dr. Atwater calls Faith to share that she needs two more classes before she can started on her classwork to become a doctor. Unfortunately, she will have to wait a full year to take them.

Nathan’s investigation takes him to Benson Hill in search for answers to the robbery. Clara asks Elizabeth to be her bridesmaid while Jesse asks Kevin to be his groomsman. After lunch, all the kids return, except Allie. Elizabeth discovers her at the jail hearing stories about her mother from Archie. Allie begs for more time with him, but Elizabeth insists it is not her decision to make. Elizabeth reminds her that if Archie is innocent, Nathan will find a way to prove it. After hearing Carson talk about his passion for photography, Clara asks him to photograph her wedding.

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Nathan tracks down the real robber, Donnie, on the road and discovers the stolen necklace on him. His father really is innocent! Faith gets another call from Dr. Atwater to share that a spot has opened up and she can take the last two classes next semester, which starts next week. Faith is unsure if she can move and start this new venture in a week – away from Carson.

Clara and Jesse finalize the wedding party details, including Clara asking Bill to walk her down the aisle. Nathan releases Archie from custody. Carson urges Faith to take the spot and start her journey to become a doctor, assuring her that won’t be apart for that long. Nathan and Allie say goodbye to Archie as he leaves for a job up north. Archie promises to write weekly letters to Allie with stories of her mother.