Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Episode 11: Rules of Engagement

Original Airdate: Saturday, March 22nd

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A new day in Coal Valley brings new students to Elizabeth’s classroom. Like all the families in Coal Valley, the Weaver’s arrived to take up work in the mine. Wyatt, the eldest of the three Weaver boys, is joining class for the day to keep an eye on his younger brothers. When Elizabeth invites him to take part in the lessons, Wyatt reveals that he finished school at just 12-years old. Wyatt also reveals that he will be starting work in the mine the next day. Sensing that Wyatt is more than he appears Elizabeth offers him a two university level books to read on his own. Two days later, on his way to the mine, Wyatt returns to Elizabeth, having read both books cover to cover. Recognizing that Wyatt has an obvious academic gift, Elizabeth resolves that he will not see his fate swallowed by the mine.

In the mean time, it’s also time for Julie to return home to Cape Fullerton. After an exciting visit in the wilderness Julie longs for the creature comforts of the big city. Before leaving she makes one last attempt to convince Elizabeth to return home with her, but Elizabeth remains steadfast in her decision to stay in Coal Valley. The sisters make their way to the stagecoach and embrace before saying their goodbyes. At the same time that Julie boards the coach, a beautiful, blonde, and seemingly worldly woman steps off. The woman, who introduces herself as Rosemary Leveaux, has an air of confidence about her and Elizabeth can’t help but stare. As the stagecoach takes off, Elizabeth and Rosemary are left together on Main Street. Rosemary looks around before asking if she’s in Coal Valley? When Elizabeth responds that she is, Rosemary responds by asking “Where’s the rest of it?" Sensing that Rosemary is out of her element Elizabeth makes small talk and inquires as to what has brought Rosemary to Coal Valley. Rosemary immediately exclaims that she’s in town to be with her fiancé. As Elizabeth digs deeper into whom Rosemary’s fiancé is, she catches a glimpse of a Mountie riding into town. Immediately recognizing Jack, Elizabeth smiles a smile that could light up Main Street. Her smile turns to horror as Rosemary exclaims that he, Jack, is her fiancé.

A stunned Elizabeth stands and watches as Rosemary bounds into Jack’s arms. For his own part, Jack seems stunned and slightly annoyed at Rosemary’s appearance. Elizabeth announces that she will let them catch up as she walks off in despair. Meanwhile Jack scolds Rosemary for suddenly appearing after leaving him two years prior to pursue a life in the theatre. Rosemary believes that her past with Jack is all water under the bridge, but it’s clear that the feeling is not mutual. Jack escorts Rosemary to the Saloon where she’ll stay while in Coal Valley, and after a few choice words, he quickly leaves for the comfort of his room in the jail.

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