Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Courageous Hearts

Season 4 - Episode 9

AJ and Bill are on their way to Hope Valley when the sun falls and the two camp out for the night. Before reaching their destination, they have to find the ledgers that AJ buried, which will help Bill bring Henry to justice.

The next morning Abigail finds Elizabeth dining at the café. Elizabeth is still worried since Jack hasn’t written her back. Abigail tries to lift Elizabeth’s spirits by offering to plan her wedding.

At the mercantile, Carson runs into a face from the past. Frank overhears the shady conversation between Carson and Dean, but Carson covers up quickly saying that he and Dean go way back when they worked on the railroad together. Frank doesn’t buy the story and later tells Abigail his suspicions.

Elizabeth is happy to see Chad and Earl’s father back in town. She informs him of all the behavioral problems she is having with the sons. Ray interrupts the conversation and tells his brother he doesn’t have to listen to Elizabeth, sending him back to the railroad headquarters. Ray advises Elizabeth to stop trying to meddle in their family affairs or she will be sorry. Elizabeth tells Ray she does not back down to bullies.

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