Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Coming Together, Coming Apart

At the infirmary, Jack and Faith discuss Tom’s impending release. Jack’s squarely focused on convincing Mr. Thatcher to not press charges. To that end, Jack suggests that Tom leave Hamilton and agree to stop seeing Julie. Fortunately, Faith has an uncle that runs a quarry and surprisingly, Tom thinks taking the job and heading out of town is in his best interests.

Back in Hope Valley, a flustered Florence barges into the café looking for help. Finding Rosemary sitting at a table, Florence says that teaching the town’s “little monsters” may drive her to start drinking. And, despite the approaching Founder’s Day play, Florence insists she’s never going back to the school. Fortunately for Florence, Rosemary graciously volunteers to use her professional experience to save the Founder’s Day play…and to teach the kids.

As Rosemary enters the schoolhouse she sees that it’s overrun with out of control children. She loudly whistles, bringing the unruly bunch to an immediate halt. When the kids have finally taken their seats, Rosemary announces that she will be their new substitute teacher. She also announces that while there will be no homework; the students will be very busy rehearsing for her Founder’s Day play. But since Rosemary still needs to finish the script, she sends the students off for some much needed recess.

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