Change of Heart

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Season 4 - Episode 5

While talking to Elizabeth at the café, Abigail confesses that she is really feeling the pressure of being mayor. She is also still in desperate need of a new cook at the café and for a solution to her relationship troubles with Frank. Elizabeth wants to be there for her friend but at that moment, she is running late for school. As she walks out the door, Cody comes barreling towards the door. Before heading off to school Cody asks if Pastor Frank will want to play dominos at their weekly spaghetti dinner. Abigail tells him that Pastor Frank won’t be joining them for dinner this time. He asks if they are mad at each other but, not wanting to go into details, Abigail tells him that the situation is hard to explain.

Outside, Jack walks Elizabeth to school and as the two make dinner plans. As they talk, a man in a Mountie uniform comes from out of nowhere and attempts to punch Jack in the face. Jack dodges the man’s punch and throws him to the ground. As the man gets back to his feet a sly smile crosses Jack’s face. Jack then introduces Elizabeth to the would be attacker, Corporal Doug Burke. Jack explains that Doug was one of the junior cadets je mentored at the academy. Jack asks Doug why he’s in town and Doug reveals that he is taking the job that Jack turned down, leading a squad of Mounties to the Northern territories. Elizabeth then heads off to her class while Jack and Doug head off to the saloon to catch up.

Nearby at the Mercantile, Rosemary is picking up a few things when she notices Lee’s assistant Murphy. Eyes transfixed on Mary Yost, Murphy doesn’t notice Rosemary stroll up behind him. Rosemary then clears her throat and startles Murphy. He attempts to play it off, telling Rosemary that he was staring at a can of pickles. But Rosemary is no fool and is wise to Murphy’s feelings for Katie. She tells him that he should as Katie out for date, but Murphy is far too shy. He chickens out and leaves the store.

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Back at the saloon, Jack and Doug catch up. Doug admits to Jack how surprised he was to learn that he’d had turned down the opportunity to lead a squad North. But, having met Elizabeth, Doug understands the reasons Jack had for staying in Hope Valley. Hoping to spend more time with his friend, Jack invites Doug to dinner that night.

The next morning, a hungry Lee Coulter comes downstairs and finds Rosemary working feverishly banging away on her typewriter. When he asks her for breakfast she tells him that she’s been so busy working on her advice column that she forgot about breakfast. Working at the café and hearing from all the townsfolk convinced Rosemary that the entire town desperately needs her advice. Just then she comes across a letter from one of Elizabeth’s students asking how to make two grown-ups not be mad at each other. After reading the letter it becomes clear that the letter is from Cody and that the grown-ups he’s talking about are Abigail and Frank.

Back in town, Jesse notices a man he’s never seen before loading supplies into a wagon. Jesse offers to give him a hand and introduces himself. The man declines Jesse’s offer of help but does introduces himself as Carson Shepard, a new employee at the railroad. Jesse leaves and Carson goes back to work loading the wagon. As he does, he hears someone yell “look out” as a runaway carriage barrels through the street. Carson turns and sees the carriage headed into the path of a small girl crossing the street. With no care for his own safety, he dashes for the girl, scooping her up just as the cart rolls past. His heroism immediately draws the attention from the town.

On his way to school, Cody heads to school, he is stopped by Rosemary, who tells him she knows he wrote the letter about Frank and Abigail. She also tells him that she’s pretty sure she’s got the trick to help Frank and Abigail. She hands him a romantic poem by one of her favorite poets and tells him to slip it into Frank’s jacket pocket. In return, he will think it is from Abigail and sparks will fly between them again. Cody is delighted by the idea and hurries off to put the plan into action.

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Out at the schoolhouse, Elizabeth’s students are busy working drawing family tree’s. As Elizabeth watches over the class, she notices that Phillip left his mother out of his family tree. He explains that he left out his mother because she died. She tries to reassure him that he can still include his mother, but the conversation makes Phillip uncomfortable and he tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t want to do the tree anymore. Elizabeth sends the other students to recess so she can talk more with Phillip. During their talk, Philip reveals that his mother died during childbirth. He tells Elizabeth that it’s his fault his mother died and that it’s also why his father doesn’t love him. Elizabeth tries to assure him that it was not his fault but Phillip is done talking and instead goes off to play with the other children.

Later in the day, Elizabeth arrives at the construction site to talk with Shane about Phillip’s feelings. Shane becomes angry at Elizabeth for suggesting that Phillip feels responsible for his mother’s death and he certainly would never say something like that to his son. He tells Elizabeth that he should have never placed Phillip in school in the first place and walks away. Later that evening, after searching the campsite, Elizabeth finds Shane in the saloon. She again presses him about his relationship with his son. She urges Shane to truly acknowledge that Phillip wasn’t responsible for his mother’s death. She also reminds him that Phillip still desperately needs his father. Unmoved, Shane bids Elizabeth a goodnight and leaves.

Back in town, Abigail returns to the Mayor’s office to find Henry Gowen sitting at her desk. He tells Abigail that her time as mayor is over as Henry’s just received word that the investigation against him has been suspended and all charges have been dropped. The news leaves Abigail stunned and at a loss for words.

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The next morning, Cody catches up with Pastor Frank, who’s helping Murphy load a nearby wagon. Cody sees his opportunity and sneaks the love poem into the jacket that’s hanging on the wagon. Unfortunately, the jacket belongs to Murphy and not pastor Frank. After loading the wagon, Murphy turns to head back to the mill. But not before noticing Katie standing outside the Mercantile. He smiles at Katie then slips on his jacket. Just then Murphy finds the note stuffed in his pocket and begins to read. Assuming the note is from Katie, Murphy speeds through the town in a state of utter glee. He happens across Rosemary and Lee and joyfully tells them about the poem and that he believes it came from Katie. Rosemary immediately recognizes the words and realizes the mix-up. When Murphy leaves, Rosemary fills Lee in on the mix-up and he orders her to fix it.

At the schoolhouse, as Elizabeth sends the children home for the day, she discovers that Ray Wyatt is standing outside waiting to speak to her. She had earlier confronted Ray about the deal to cut the railroad’s taxes. Although initially annoyed by her outburst, Ray has since had second thoughts and has convinced the railroad to double the school budget. He tells her to consider it an investment in the students and in the future of Hope Valley.

Behind the café, Rosemary and Cody regroup after the earlier mix-up with the love note. Rosemary has a new idea to help Frank and Abigail mend their relationship. This time she gives Cody a box of chocolates and instructs him to leave them on Frank’s doorstep and he will think they are from Abigail. Cody loves the idea and grabs the box to go start the new plan.

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While Cody is off trying to patch things up between Abigail and Frank, his earlier mistake is beginning to bear fruit. As Rosemary glances out of her window, she catches sight of Murphy and Katie finally talking to each other. She points out the two lovebirds to Lee and tells him to have more faith in his wife’s skills as a matchmaker. Lee points out that this all happened because of a mix-up, but Rosemary insists that love doesn’t make mistakes.

Later that night, as Frank makes his way through town, he notices something suspicious going on at the bank. He quickly realizes that the fugitive Tate brothers have Mr. Jenkins, the bank manager, at gunpoint and are leading him into the bank. Frank rushes into the saloon to get Jack. Inside the bank, the Curtis Tate finds Ray and Bill counting out the railroad’s payroll. Curtis orders both men to fill their bags with the cash. Outside the bank, Glen Tate stands watch when he notices his old friend Matt Landry. Unaware that Matt Landry is now Frank Hogan, Glen is caught completely off guard when Frank punches him to the ground. The commotion attracts Curtis’ attention long enough for Bill to get the drop on him, foiling the heist.

The next morning, the would-be heist is the talk of the town. As Elizabeth recounts the story to Abigail, she reveals that Jack couldn’t have stopped the Tate brothers without Frank’s help. As the talk, Florence approaches and interrupts with the news that newly re-installed mayor Gowen has waived all the taxes for the railroad. On hearing the news, Abigail rushes off to confront Henry. She storms into his office and finds Henry cheerfully talking with Ray Wyatt. Abigail immediately realizes that the two men meeting is likely no coincidence. Abigail offers Henry a stern warning to be careful with his next moves.

Outside the café Rosemary runs into Cody and eagerly asks how the chocolate delivery went. It turns out that Cody left the chocolates on the baseball field and his friend Robert found them and ate them. Rosemary laughs it off and the two agree to come up with a third option together.

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Nearby, Carson arrives at the infirmary to beg Faith for pain relieving medication. His earlier heroics left him with a possible broken rib but, instead of allowing his injury to heal, Carson immediately went back to working on the railroad. Faith tells him he needs to heal on his own but, fearing he’ll lose his job at the railroad if he misses his shift, Carson tells Faith that he’s got no choice but to work through his injuries. She tells him that there are other jobs in Hope Valley and suggests one that may be the perfect fit.

Back at the school house, an excited Phillip arrives with his father. He gives Elizabeth a big hug and asks her if he can finish his family tree. He runs to his desk to work on his assignment while Shane and Elizabeth talk. Since their last talk, Shane has acknowledged that he was still angry over the death of his wife and took it out on his son. He’s committed for making up for the mistakes of the past and determined to be a good father. Elizabeth suggests he start by giving his son a hug. Shane smiles and walks towards his son. He kneels down and opens his arms. Philip immediately falls into his father’s arms and the two embrace.

Later that afternoon at the café Carson arrives to inquire about the job as Abigail’s cook. He does have experience as a cook and, along with Faith’s recommendation, seems like a good fit for the café. As Abigail continues the interview, Cody arrives home from school and asks if they can go fishing. With no one to run the kitchen, Abigail starts to say no but, before she can, Carson offers to fill in. Not wanting to disappoint Cody, Abigail offers Carson the job and welcomes him to Hope Valley.

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Out at the lake, Cody and Abigail arrive and find Frank fishing alone. Both Abigail and Frank realize they’ve been set-up and Cody leaves them to talk through their problems. They both reveal that despite the fight, they both deeply care for each other. And, thanks to a little help from Cody, Abigail and Frank finally kiss and make up.

Back in town Jack and Elizabeth enjoy and afternoon walk together. Before heading to the saloon for dinner, Elizabeth stops off at her classroom to grab her shawl. As she walks into her classroom she discovers a strange man writing on her chalkboard. Confused, she asks him why he is writing on her chalkboard. He tells her that he’s preparing for the next day’s lesson. Still confused, it becomes apparent to the man that Elizabeth is the last to know. He then informs her that he is her replacement.