Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Change of Heart

Season 4 - Episode 5

While talking to Elizabeth at the café, Abigail confesses that she is really feeling the pressure of being mayor. She is also still in desperate need of a new cook at the café and for a solution to her relationship troubles with Frank. Elizabeth wants to be there for her friend but at that moment, she is running late for school. As she walks out the door, Cody comes barreling towards the door. Before heading off to school Cody asks if Pastor Frank will want to play dominos at their weekly spaghetti dinner. Abigail tells him that Pastor Frank won’t be joining them for dinner this time. He asks if they are mad at each other but, not wanting to go into details, Abigail tells him that the situation is hard to explain.

Outside, Jack walks Elizabeth to school and as the two make dinner plans. As they talk, a man in a Mountie uniform comes from out of nowhere and attempts to punch Jack in the face. Jack dodges the man’s punch and throws him to the ground. As the man gets back to his feet a sly smile crosses Jack’s face. Jack then introduces Elizabeth to the would be attacker, Corporal Doug Burke. Jack explains that Doug was one of the junior cadets je mentored at the academy. Jack asks Doug why he’s in town and Doug reveals that he is taking the job that Jack turned down, leading a squad of Mounties to the Northern territories. Elizabeth then heads off to her class while Jack and Doug head off to the saloon to catch up.

Nearby at the Mercantile, Rosemary is picking up a few things when she notices Lee’s assistant Murphy. Eyes transfixed on Mary Yost, Murphy doesn’t notice Rosemary stroll up behind him. Rosemary then clears her throat and startles Murphy. He attempts to play it off, telling Rosemary that he was staring at a can of pickles. But Rosemary is no fool and is wise to Murphy’s feelings for Katie. She tells him that he should as Katie out for date, but Murphy is far too shy. He chickens out and leaves the store.

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