Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Awakenings & Revelations

On a chilly morning in Hope Valley Clara peruses several items in the mercantile. Unknowingly Clara catches the eye of an attractive young man standing just behind her. Luke McCoy and his family came to Hope Valley recently, when Luke’s father accepted a job at the lumber mill. Luke is immediately taken with Clara and awkwardly fumbles as he tries to introduce himself. Clara seems somewhat interested in Luke, but is still taken back by his awkwardness. Luke manages to fumble his way to asking Clara to the upcoming ice cream social. Although flattered, Clara promptly rejects the offer and leaves the mercantile.

Further down Main Street, Jack recognizes Bill Avery’s horse tied outside the saloon. Jack finds Bill at the bar and the two men greet each other warmly. Jack, who earlier received an alert about counterfeiters in the area, asks Jack if that’s what’s brought him back to town. Jack responds coyly, “I'm always on the trail of something.” Bill asks how Clara is adjusting and if Abigail has mentioned him. Jack’s expression tells him all he needs to know about Abigail’s feelings towards him. Moving on, Jack asks if Bill has a description of the counterfeiters. Bill blows off the question and immediately changes topics. The move confuses Jack but he doesn’t push the issue and instead, he and Bill leave and go on about their days.

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