Recap: Awakenings & Revelations - Season 2 - Episode 4

When a visitor from home arrives in Hope Valley, Elizabeth begins to question the direction of her heart and feelings for Jack.

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On a chilly morning in Hope Valley Clara peruses several items in the mercantile. Unknowingly Clara catches the eye of an attractive young man standing just behind her. Luke McCoy and his family came to Hope Valley recently, when Luke’s father accepted a job at the lumber mill. Luke is immediately taken with Clara and awkwardly fumbles as he tries to introduce himself. Clara seems somewhat interested in Luke, but is still taken back by his awkwardness. Luke manages to fumble his way to asking Clara to the upcoming ice cream social. Although flattered, Clara promptly rejects the offer and leaves the mercantile.

Further down Main Street, Jack recognizes Bill Avery’s horse tied outside the saloon. Jack finds Bill at the bar and the two men greet each other warmly. Jack, who earlier received an alert about counterfeiters in the area, asks Jack if that’s what’s brought him back to town. Jack responds coyly, “I'm always on the trail of something.” Bill asks how Clara is adjusting and if Abigail has mentioned him. Jack’s expression tells him all he needs to know about Abigail’s feelings towards him. Moving on, Jack asks if Bill has a description of the counterfeiters. Bill blows off the question and immediately changes topics. The move confuses Jack but he doesn’t push the issue and instead, he and Bill leave and go on about their days.

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As a busy secretary leaves the sawmill main office, an irritated and determined Rosemary Levoux makes her entrance. Incensed by a glowing review of a fellow actress, Rosemary’s come to Lee for support in her dream to build a theatre. Lee tries to explain that he needs to focus on his business and new contracts, but Rosemary will hear none of it. In a fit she storms out of Lee’s office leaving him to remark, “That woman could give a pack of wild horses a run for their money.”

Earlier in the day Clara announced to Abigail and Elizabeth that she had rejected Luke McCoy’s invitation to the ice cream social. The move both confuses and concerns Abigail. Searching for guidance, Abigail seeks the advice of Pastor Frank. Abigail‘s concerned that Clara is rejecting Luke’s out of concern for Peter’s memory. Abigail admits that she’s also conflicted, wanting Clara to be happy while feeling a maternal instinct to protect her young daughter-in-law. Pastor Frank feels Peter’s memory isn’t what's causing Clara's feeling, but instead suggests Clara is far more concerned about hurting Abigail. He advises Abigail let Clara know she’s okay with her dating, then to stand back and hope for the best.

Back on Main Street Bill Avery leans against a railing as he eyes two men dismounting their horses. Out of the corner of this eye he sees Jack approaching with a $5 bill in his hand. The bill, Jack explains, in a counterfeit note the banker just turned in. The banker wasn’t able to get a description of the man who passed the bill, but Jack’s heading to alert the other merchants. Bill sternly tells Jack he’ll handle the investigation and Jack should focus on his duties in town. Jack feels slighted and asks Bill if he’s suddenly developed a problem with him. Irritated, Bill says that if Jack keeps badgering him then they will have a problem. Confused and stunned, Jack stands and watches as Bill walks off.

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In the café, Abigail and Clara chat over a cup of tea. It’s clear that Clara is concerned that dating would be disrespectful to Peter’s memory. But, as Abigail explains, Clara must overcome her feelings of guilt and accept that Peter wouldn’t have wanted her to spend the rest of her life alone. Clara then concedes that she’s also concerned for Abigail’s feelings, not just because she’s Peter’s mother, but because she’s also been a mother to her. In her motherly way, Abigail thanks Clara for her concern and says it’s fine by her if Clara wants to go to the social with Luke.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Charles take a gingerly stroll though Hope Valley. Earlier in the day Charles surprised Elizabeth by showing up unannounced at the schoolhouse. Charles insists he’s in town for purely business purposes, but Elizabeth has her doubts. As she presses him for more information, Lee Coulter bounds out of his office, calling Charles by name. It turns out that Mr. Thatcher’s shipping company is one of Lee’s first big contracts. Knowing that her father is involved makes it clear that it’s no coincidence Charles has shown up in Hope Valley.

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In the woods outside Hope Valley, Bill talks with the shady men who rode into town earlier. The men hand him a large stack of money and metal plates and tell him they hit six towns including Hope Valley. Bill turns to place the money and plates into his saddlebag and, as he does, hears the click of a cocked gun. Bill turns and sees one of the counterfeiters aiming a gun at his head. Just then the sound of a galloping horse rumbles towards the trio. Jack has arrived, and he takes the opportunity to knock one of the counterfeiters to the ground. As he wrestles another attacker to the ground, a shot is fired and Bill goes down. As the counterfeiter regains control of his weapon, Jack pulls his pistol, cocking the hammer at the man head. Despite Jack’s heroics, Bill chastises him for intruding into his affairs and blowing his cover. Jack reminds Bill that if he hadn’t arrived when he did, Bill would be dead. Jack’s horse rears, and angrily Jack rides off.

Back in town, Charles’ motives for coming to Hope Valley are becoming clearer. As he and Elizabeth tour Hope valley, he presses her about the decision to teach on the frontier, away from family, friends and the life she knew. Steadfast in her decision, Elizabeth insists the hard working people of Hope Valley value her for her work and not because of who she is. He then tries to place doubt about a future with a Mountie. His attempts are in vain and Elizabeth insists that she’s aware of the danger and willing to accept it.

Later in the day Charles takes a moment to talk with Jack. Despite everything he has, Charles can’t seem to understand why Elizabeth still prefers Jack. Through an appreciation of fishing, Jack explains that being an ordinary, everyday man is all that’s needed. Realizing that he can’t compete for Elizabeth’s heart, Charles thanks Jack for his advice and walks off.

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On the day of the ice cream social a smartly dress Luke McCoy arrives at the Café to pick up Clara. Abigail greets him and invites him to sit down. She sits adjacent from him and politely asks the questions any mother would ask a boy taking out her daughter. As they talk Luke is taken aback as Clara makes her entrance. He presents her with a bouquet of daisies and the two head off to the social.

Later that night, Rosemary leads Lee to a makeshift stage in the woods. Since her earlier episode in Lee’s office, Rosemary has been quietly gathering pieces for a stage, a Victrola and other pieces for a special performance. Rosemary sits Lee down and takes the stage. In a stunning blue dress, Rosemary gives Lee a show-stopping performance. Less is thoroughly impressed by the performance. So much so, when Rosemary asks if he’ll build her a theatre, Lee feels to compelled to agree.

The next morning, Charles, now packed and ready to return home, walks towards the waiting coach with Elizabeth. As they say their farewells, the nature of their relationship has changed. Thanks to the new contract with the sawmill, Charles will be back from time to time, but it’s now clear to him that Elizabeth’s heart belongs to Jack and Hope Valley. As they talk, Jack and Bill leave the jail. They happen to see Elizabeth kiss Charles goodbye. The kiss stuns Jack and Bill remarks the he thought they were just friends. Jack’s so shocked he can’t speak and only looks at Elizabeth, who has no idea what he’s seen.