Sunday April 5 8:00 PM / 7:00c

An Unexpected Gift

Baby Jack has already started to grow out of his clothes. Elizabeth wonders when he became such a big boy and admits part of her wishes he would stay a baby. Rosemary urges her to keep one of his tiny sweaters as a reminder of this time in their lives.

Bill offers to officiate Clara and Jesse’s wedding if the pastor does not arrive in time.

Rosemary informs Lee that she is not planning a bridal party for Clara but rather a Bachelorette party. She needs the car to go to Benson Hills to pick up items for Clara’s wedding dress, but Lee also needs the car, making their timing awful.

Fiona also finds herself in need of a ride to Benson Hills to pick up parts for a phone line. Bill offers Henry’s car to her and Henry begrudgingly agrees. He correctly guesses that it must be Bill’s phone that needs to be fixed. Fiona almost hits Rosemary as she pulls off. Rosemary, desperate to get the lace for Clara’s dress, tags along to Benson Hills.

Carson finds Molly at his office and learns Faith hired her to give him a hand.

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