Recap: An Unexpected Gift - Season 7 - Episode 5

Elizabeth gets a surprise bouquet of flowers, which has the town wondering who left them. Rosemary and Lee organize Jesse & Clara's Bachelor & Bachelorette parties.

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Baby Jack has already started to grow out of his clothes. Elizabeth wonders when he became such a big boy and admits part of her wishes he would stay a baby. Rosemary urges her to keep one of his tiny sweaters as a reminder of this time in their lives.

Bill offers to officiate Clara and Jesse’s wedding if the pastor does not arrive in time.

Rosemary informs Lee that she is not planning a bridal party for Clara but rather a Bachelorette party. She needs the car to go to Benson Hills to pick up items for Clara’s wedding dress, but Lee also needs the car, making their timing awful.

Fiona also finds herself in need of a ride to Benson Hills to pick up parts for a phone line. Bill offers Henry’s car to her and Henry begrudgingly agrees. He correctly guesses that it must be Bill’s phone that needs to be fixed. Fiona almost hits Rosemary as she pulls off. Rosemary, desperate to get the lace for Clara’s dress, tags along to Benson Hills.

Carson finds Molly at his office and learns Faith hired her to give him a hand.

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As Nathan is petting his horse, he passes Elizabeth and baby Jack and heads to a meeting to help with Jesse’s bachelor party. Before Nathan departs, one of Elizabeth’s students tells her she has a basket of apples for her. This prompts Nathan, as a student parent, to say maybe he should do something nice for Elizabeth.

Lee knows how much Rosemary put into Clara’s Bachelorette party. He meets with the guys to innovate their plans for Jesse’s party. Lucas breaks the news that the saloon is double-booked, and the ladies will be using half the space.

Molly makes major changes at Carson’s office including scheduling appointments 15 minutes apart. Carson does not like to be rushed; however, Molly assures she’ll keep him on her schedule.

Elizabeth receives flowers on her doorstep and Bill wonders not just who sent them but whom Elizabeth hopes they are from. He is all too happy to investigate but Elizabeth warns him not to get involved.

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Fiona and Rosemary’s trip to Benson Hills comes to a stop, literally, when Henry’s car breaks down. Luckily Rosemary recognizes where they have stopped and jets off to Clara’s dress fitting, leaving Fiona to tow Henry’s car to Kevin’s workshop. Kevin is not sure as a blacksmith he can help but he gives it a try for Fiona.

Disobeying Elizabeth’s order, Bill tells Nathan about Elizabeth’s flowers, to see if he may be her admirer. Nathan seems surprised. Still after the culprit, Bill tells Lucas about Elizabeth’s unexpected gift of flowers. Lucas plays coy and smiles as he refuses to say whether or not it was him.

Elizabeth is not happy to hear Bill tried to track down her admirer as she is concerned about what the town would think if they knew someone sent her flowers. Bill thinks the town would be happy for Elizabeth.

Kevin tries to help Fiona fix Henry’s car but admittedly does not know what he is doing.

At the same time Carson admits Molly is driving him nuts with her schedule and her attempts to diagnose his patients. He decides to confront Molly about her behavior. Molly is taken aback and asserts she was just trying to make his day easier.

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Lee finds Jesse is nervous about the wedding. He is concerned after all this he may not measure up to expectations. Lee assures him that being nervous is normal and adds he’s seen the way Clara looks at Jesse. If that’s not love he doesn’t know what is.

The guys try to enjoy a game of cards, but it is hard for them not to be distracted by the fun Rosemary is having with the ladies. Things get even more awkward when Elizabeth waves at Nathan and a gets wave back from him and Lucas.

Lucas thinks Elizabeth is so kindhearted and giving that someone should do something nice for her. Nathan quips maybe someone already did.

Lucas heads over and does a trick for Elizabeth and the ladies. The guys see how much fun they are having and ask Lee to combine the parties. Lee later admits Rosemary’s party was the best, to which she responds, “Now it’s everyone’s party.”

During one of Lucas’ tricks Elizabeth accidentally sends a dart into Nathan’s drink, getting a laugh from everyone. Nathan plays a trick of his own, telling Lucas that Bill is asking for him, to steal Elizabeth away to play darts alone.

Carson is worried he offended Molly. Florence says give it time with Molly; she was just trying to impress him as this is her first full time job in a while. Carson sits down with Molly and apologizes if he was harsh earlier.

Fiona and Kevin sneak into the saloon to enjoy the parties. This gets a raised eyebrow from Clara, who was wondering where they were. Henry asks Fiona where his car is and when he can get it back. Fiona stalls saying it is being washed and they will get it back to him in the morning.

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Rosemary and Lee walk Elizabeth home. They noticed she spent a lot of time with both Nathan and Lucas at the party. Rosemary knows Elizabeth and says she is bad at hiding her feelings. Rosemary can tell her heart is open again and being pulled in two different directions. Elizabeth is not thrilled and admits she couldn’t get a good read on who sent her flowers. Rosemary has the answer: it was her! She left them for Elizabeth as a thank you and completely forgot. Elizabeth is relieved. If the flowers had been from Nathan or Lucas it would make her situation all too real and she is not ready for that yet.

Fiona finally admits to Henry that the car broke down. However, it’s Henry that owes her an apology. He forgot to mention the ignition sometimes needs a little persuading. He is able to restart the car with no problem.

Molly and Carson start fresh. She follows his instructions and Carson lets her know he is glad she is here. Elizabeth is surprised when Lucas arrives at her door with flowers. Rosemary says, “It looks like things just became real.” Lucas passes Nathan after dropping flowers off to Elizabeth. He smirks to himself as he notices Nathan also has flowers and is heading toward Elizabeth’s door.