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Recap: A Moving Picture - Season 7 - Episode 1

Lucas gives Elizabeth writing advice that causes her to search for new inspiration. Rosemary and Lee plan a vacation. Faith returns home with a dilemma that may force her to part ways from Carson.

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Elizabeth and Nathan catch up about Allie’s performance in school when Lucas approaches the two of them with word of a new shipment of books at the library. Rosemary shows off her a new dress to Lee that she plans to wear on their upcoming vacation in Los Angeles to celebrate their anniversary.

Highlights - Declaration of Love - When Calls the Heart

At the library, Elizabeth brings up her dream of being a writer and getting published. Lucas offers to read her writings and provide some notes. A reporter comes to town to speak to Henry about being a rising star in his industry. The reporter also speaks with Bill and Lucas, trying to learn more about Henry and his past. Faith surprises Carson in Hope Valley.

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Elizabeth shares her book with Lucas and opens up that Jack, her late husband, did the illustrations. Meanwhile, Faith and Carson catch up. She shares with him that she has received a job offer in her father’s hometown as a head nurse at the hospital. It is a great opportunity but would take her away from Carson, so she wants to talk to him about it. Rosemary is thrilled to get a pair of sunglasses to go with her outfits for her trip. Later on, Lee breaks the news that he has to postpone their trip to LA as a business associate is coming to town. Lucas pushes Elizabeth to make her lead character more complex after reading her work.

Clara and Jesse look at wedding dresses and discuss their upcoming nuptials. The visiting reporter learns she needs to file the story on Henry tonight and is torn as she feels that she doesn’t have the full story on him. Fiona opens up to the reporter about being new in Hope Valley and how welcoming everyone has been. Elizabeth runs into Nathan and tell him that Allie is doing great in school and she’s glad they both stayed. Nathan tries to express his happiness as well but struggles to find the right words around Elizabeth.

Highlights - Speechless - When Calls the Heart

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Highlights - We Take Care of Our Own - When Calls the Heart

Carson talks to Lucas and Bill about his dilemma with Faith. He wants her to stay in Hope Valley but also wants her to follow her dreams. They encourage him to talk with her and share his new feelings with her. The town is surprised when the lead story in Business and Insight is on Fiona and not Henry. Elizabeth tries to cheer up Henry and remind him that Hope Valley takes care of their own and that includes him. Nathan runs into baby Jack and Elizabeth and encourages her to find what is in her heart when it comes to writing.

Lee surprises Rosemary by buying out the saloon and surprising her with her friends to watch a motion picture, the first to make its way to Hope Valley. Later on at the event, Carson declares his love to Faith.