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A Call from the Past

Rosemary welcomes Grace back to town. She is traveling through Hope Valley after picking up a new orphan, Spencer. Carson tells Grace to bring him by his office as he looks a little ill. He examines Spencer and says he’s just anemic. Carson goes to give him some pills to help and realizes he is out of stock, without Faith around he has fallen behind at the office. Elizabeth, excited for the library's opening, wants Lucas to cut the opening day ribbon, he insists she should do the honors. The two compromise and decide to cut the ribbon together.

Fiona connects a call for Lucas and overhears a woman saying that someone from Lucas’ past has found out where he is and is “coming after him.” Fiona runs into Elizabeth later on and opens up about the mysterious phone call. Elizabeth goes to talk to Lucas but when she arrives at the saloon she finds him closing up for the day and getting ready to head out of town. Concerned, she find Nathan, who decides to go after Lucas.

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