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Recap: A Call from the Past - Season 6 - Episode 8

Lucas' past comes back to haunt him and others in Hope Valley; Lee and Gowen compete for workers.

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Rosemary welcomes Grace back to town. She is traveling through Hope Valley after picking up a new orphan, Spencer. Carson tells Grace to bring him by his office as he looks a little ill. He examines Spencer and says he’s just anemic. Carson goes to give him some pills to help and realizes he is out of stock, without Faith around he has fallen behind at the office. Elizabeth, excited for the library's opening, wants Lucas to cut the opening day ribbon, he insists she should do the honors. The two compromise and decide to cut the ribbon together.

Fiona connects a call for Lucas and overhears a woman saying that someone from Lucas’ past has found out where he is and is “coming after him.” Fiona runs into Elizabeth later on and opens up about the mysterious phone call. Elizabeth goes to talk to Lucas but when she arrives at the saloon she finds him closing up for the day and getting ready to head out of town. Concerned, she find Nathan, who decides to go after Lucas.

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Mike gives his notice to Lee. He has decided to work for Henry. Lee understands as he can’t pay his staff as much money as Henry is offering. Jesse hears the amount Henry is offering and goes to speak to him about employment. The two make a truce to let the past stay in the past and Henry makes him a job offer.

A mysterious man arrives in town, though no one in Hope Valley notices his arrival. Grace and Rosemary catch up and shares what she and Lillian have in store at their orphanage. Jesse talks to Lee about the opportunity Henry is offering. Lee offers Jesse his support, no matter what Jesse decides. Jesse and Clara talk and she encourage him to do what makes him happy. Later on, Jesse visits Lee and tells him he wants to stay on in his current position.

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Nathan catches up with Lucas and offers to help. Lucas at first pushes back and then decides to open up to Nathan about Amos, a man who set fire to his friends store after she was unable to pay back money due to him. Amos, just released from prison, is out for revenge on both Lucas and his friend. Nathan tells him to go back to town and he will call the local mountie in her town to help protect them both

Highlights - Saloon Confrontation - When Calls The Heart

Elizabeth swings by the saloon to see if Lucas has returned and finds two strangers inside. She tries to leave but the men insist she stay until Lucas returns. Lucas comes back to saloon to find Elizabeth and the men who are now demanding $10,000. Lucas gives them all the money in his safe. Meanwhile, Nathan notices movement over at the saloon and decides to investigate. He knocks on the door and Lucas tries to get rid of him. Nathan, still concerned, decides to go around behind the saloon. He bursts through the backdoor of the saloon and is able to capture Amos, while Nick corners his partner in crime outside. Lucas desperately tries to apologize to Elizabeth, but she wants nothing more to do with him and rushes off to be with baby Jack. Nathan and Lucas share a heart to heart, where Lucas reveals he has no more secrets to keep.