Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

Jesse tells Dottie about the money he found in her floorboard and she is moved to tears about Jesse’s honesty. She says her late husband didn’t trust banks and he used to store money in random places; she had no idea this cash existed. She wants to give Jesse a reward and he politely declines. But she does give Jesse the socks that he was working to buy Clara for Christmas. He accepts the gift.

Carson stops by Myra’s cabin and finds her cooking a big meal for the two of them. They begin to talk about the pain of losing a spouse and learning to find joy again. Carson tells Myra that cooking a meal for a friend is a great start.

The men return to town without Henry. Bill had to return to get a new horseshoe for his horse. Abigail still feels guilty for allowing Henry back into town and Bill says the only person to blame is Henry. Jack apologizes that he spending his last free evening tracking down Henry, but she understands what she signed up for.

Back home, Rosemary and Lee recap their exhausting week. She tells him she has a surprise for him: a Santa beard! She submitted his name to play Santa at the Hope Valley parade.

Abigail is having a quiet night with Cody until Dottie barges in and tells Abigail to rush outside. Just then, Henry returns on horse with Becky. A tearful Abigail gives her daughter a huge hug and can’t believe that Henry risked his life to bring her daughter back for the holidays.

Jack and Elizabeth return to warehouse to check on the float, just as Robert’s crib is finally finished. Just then, Robert’s mom feels a contraction and the family heads to Dr. Shepherd’s, where Robert is made a big brother.

Christmas Eve morning has finally arrived and the citizens of Hope Valley gather around the wishing tree and deliver presents to friends. Myra shows up with a basket of cookies for the children and Opal tells her how happy she is that Myra is there.