Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

The kids are hard at work putting together the float. Jack is hard at work building the baby crib that Robert wished for. Elizabeth gazes at her fiancé and tells him that someday he will be building a crib for their baby.

Later on, Clara and Elizabeth catch up. Clara tells Elizabeth that she and Jesse are doing very well, and she thinks he even took a side job working for Dottie so he can buy Christmas presents. Meanwhile, at Dottie’s, Jesse is straightening her home and is surprised to discover a floorboard filled with cash.

Jack finds Lee and asks if he will help out with the school’s float, and he enthusiastically says yes. Later at dinner, Jack and Elizabeth spend time together, and he tells her how lonely he gets while on duty. Elizabeth wants to know if the sacrifice is worth it--he tells her yes.

Bill continues to rehearse with the band for the Hope Valley Christmas Parade. Rosemary points out that he is missing a flute and she just happens to play. Jack reluctantly allows Rosemary to join the band.

Carson is still on a mission to give Myra a memorable Christmas, and brings a gathering of young children to sing carols to her. She tells him she never asked for Carson to bring carolers by the house and slams the door. When the kids want to know what they did wrong, he tells them nothing and they go back to school, singing all the way.