Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

When Calls the Heart: A Christmas Wishing Tree

It’s Christmas time in Hope Valley, and Elizabeth finds herself reflecting in her journal. It has been six months since Jack went on patrol and eight days since he last had contact with her.

Back in the classroom, Cody is at a loss of what he should get his new mom, Abigail, for Christmas, his first since officially being adopted. Elizabeth suggests writing down a wish for his new mom and placing it on the Hope Valley Wishing Tree. Elizabeth later pays Abigail a visit and expresses how much she misses Jack.

The citizens of Hope Valley gather around the city’s Christmas tree to listen to Abigail deliver a speech. She explains that this year’s tree is a wishing tree and assigns everybody to write down their wish on an ornament and hang it. If your wish winds up missing from the tree, it means someone has grabbed it and is working on making it come true!

Robert finds Elizabeth and informs her that someone already took his wish off the tree. Elizabeth confesses that she did and Robert is excited that his baby brother or sister will be getting a new crib, since that was his wish. He thanks her with a big hug.

Bill sees Abigail getting ready to ship an order of fresh baked goods to Henry. He informs her that due to overcrowding in the prisons, Henry has been placed in a tent camp. Abigail notes the freezing conditions at night and wants to offer Henry some charity, including letting him come back to Hope Valley for the holidays. Bill shuts down the idea, but Abigail believes in the power of forgiveness and says it is time to express it. She ends up pulling rank as Mayor on Bill, telling him that Henry will be returning to town and can perform community service as part of his sentence.

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