What's Airing on Hallmark Channel this Month - April 2022

What's Airing on Hallmark Channel this Month - April 2022
Find out what Hallmark Channel movies are airing in April including the premiere of "Just One Kiss" (starring Krysta Rodriguez and Santino Fontana) and "Love, Classified" (starring Melora Hardin, Arienne Mandi, Katherine McNamara and Max Lloyd-Jones).

Friday, April 1

12p/11c: Love in Winterland
2/1c: Dater's Handbook
4/3c: Harvest Moon
6/5c: Nature of Love
8/7c: Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday

Saturday, April 2

8a/7c: Anything for Love
10a/9c: Where Your Heart Belongs
12p/11c: Roadhouse Romance
2/1c: Love, Of Course
4/3c: A Taste of Summer
6/5c: Love, Romance & Chocolate
8/7c: Just One Kiss *Premiere*
10/9c: One Perfect Wedding

Sunday, April 3

10a/9c: Sun, Sand & Romance
12p/11c: A Second Chance at Love
2/1c: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
4/3c: My One & Only
6/5c: Just One Kiss
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: The Lost Valentine

Monday, April 4

12p/11c: Ms. Matched
2/1c: Love Unleashed
4/3c: A Novel Romance
6/5c: The Baker's Son
8/7c: Snowkissed

Tuesday, April 5

12p/11c: Love Under the Olive Tree
2/1c: The Sweeter Side of Life
4/3c: Destination Wedding
6/5c: Summer Villa
8/7c: Flip That Romance

Wednesday, April 6

12p/11c: A New year's Resolution
2/1c: The Perfect Bride
4/3c: Birthday Wish
6/5c: A Harvest Wedding
8/7c: Love on the Sidelines

Thursday, April 7

12p/11c: Hearts of Spring
2/1c: Love, Once and Always
4/3c: The Story of Us
6/5c: You're Bacon Me Crazy
8/7c: Just One Kiss

Friday, April 8

12p/11c: Love at First Glance
2/1c: Sister of the Bride
4/3c: Fashionably Yours
6/5c: Feeling Butterflies
8/7c: Crown for Christmas

Saturday, April 9

10a/9c: Sweet Autumn
12p/11c: Love on Harbor Island
2/1c: Her Pen Pal
4/3c: Taking the Reins
6/5c: Love and Sunshine
8/7c: A Royal Runaway Romance *Premiere*
10/9c: The Sweetest Heart

Sunday, April 10

10a/9c: Forever in My Heart
12p/11c: Just One Kiss
2/1c: Moonlight in Vermont
4/3c: Raise a Glass to Love
6/5c: A Royal Runaway Romance
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: Winter Castle

Monday, April 11

12p/11c: Pearl in Paradise
2/1c: A Ring by Spring
4/3c: All of My Heart: The Wedding
6/5c: Right in Front of Me
8/7c: The Wedding Veil

Tuesday, April 12

12p/11c: Tulips in Spring
2/1c: A Brush with Love
4/3c: South Beach Love
6/5c: The Perfect Catch
8/7c: The Wedding Veil Unveiled

Wednesday, April 13

12p/11c: Love by Chance
2/1c: Summer Love
4/3c: From Friend to Fiance
6/5c: A Second Chance at Love
8/7c: The Wedding Veil Legacy

Thursday, April 14

12p/11c: Love in Design
2/1c: Yes, I Do
4/3c: Stop the Wedding
6/5c: Love in the Forecast
8/7c: A Royal Runaway Romance

Friday, April 15

12p/11c: Bottled with Love
2/1c: Eat, Play, Love
4/3c: Season for Love
6/5c: The 27-Hour Day
8/7c: Christmas with the Darlings

Saturday, April 16

10a/9c: Autumn Dreams
12p/11c: Butlers in Love
2/1c: My Favorite Wedding
4/3c: Just One Kiss
6/5c: Wedding Every Weekend
8/7c: Love, Classified
10/9c: All Things Valentine

Sunday, April 17

10a/9c: Easter Under Wraps
12p/11c: A Summer Romance
2/1c: When Calls the Heart - In Like a Lion
3/2c: When Calls the Heart - Out Like a Lamb
4/3c: When Calls the Heart - Turn the Page
5/4c: When Calls the Heart - Straight from the Heart
6/5c: When Calls the Heart - Journey into Light
7/6c: When Calls the Heart - Past, Present, Future
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: A Royal Runaway Romance

Monday, April 18

12p/11c: Love, Fall & Order
2/1c: The Convenient Groom
4/3c: All Summer Long
6/5c: Love at the Shore
8/7c: Baby, It's Cold Inside

Tuesday, April 19

12p/11c: Love Take Two
2/1c: Country at Heart
4/3c: Beverly Hills Wedding
6/5c: Autumn in the Vineyard
8/7c: A Valentine's Match

Wednesday, April 20

12p/11c: Marrying Mr. Darcy
2/1c: Royally Ever After
4/3c: Journey of My Heart
6/5c: Valentine Ever After
8/7c: Sweet Pecan Summer

Thursday, April 21

12p/11c: Royal Hearts
2/1c: Just One Kiss
4/3c: Love on Safari
6/5c: Winter Love Story
8/7c: Love, Classified

Friday, April 22

12p/11c: Romance in the Air
2/1c: A Second Chance at Love
4/3c: The Last Bridesmaid
6/5c: My Secret Valentine
8/7c: A Very Merry Bridesmaid

Saturday, April 23

10a/9c: Love in the Sun
12p/11c: Mix Up in the Mediterranean
2/1c: It Was Always You
4/3c: A Royal Runaway Romance
6/5c: A Little Daytime Drama
8/7c: A Tail of Love *Premiere*
10/9c: A Country Wedding

Sunday, April 24

10a/9c: The Baker's Son
12p/11c: Love, Classified
2/1c: Paris, Wine & Romance
4/3c: Sweet Carolina
6/5c: A Tail of Love
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: Love and Sunshine

Monday, April 25

12p/11c: Cooking with Love
2/1c: Love on Iceland
4/3c: Very, Very, Valentine
6/5c: The Irresistible Blueberry Farm
8/7c: Love, Romance & Chocolate

Tuesday, April 26

12p/11c: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
2/1c: SnowComing
4/3c: The Secret Ingredient
6/5c: My One & Only
8/7c: Love Strikes Twice

Wednesday, April 27

12p/11c: Two for the Win
2/1c: Valentine in the Vineyard
4/3c: Love's Complicated
6/5c: Love, Of Course
8/7c: Love on the Slopes

Thursday, April 28

12p/11c: Over the Moon in Love
2/1c: Love in Paradise
4/3c: One Winter Weekend
6/5c: Sun, Sand & Romance
8/7c: A Tail of Love

Friday, April 29

12p/11c: Frozen in Love
2/1c: Just Add Romance
4/3c: Love Takes Flight
6/5c: One Winter Proposal
8/7c: A Christmas Together With You

Saturday, April 30

10a/9c: Once Upon a Prince
12p/11c: Right in Front of Me
2/1c: The Perfect Catch
4/3c: One Perfect Wedding
6/5c: Royal Matchmaker
8/7c: As Luck Would Have It
10/9c: Just My Type