New Romance Movies Airing on Hallmark in May 2022

5 Reasons to Watch Romantic Comedies on Hallmark in May
Find out what all-new romance movies are airing on Hallmark Channel this month including the premiere of "Warming Up to You," "Road Trip Romance," and "Romance to the Rescue."

Sunday, May 1

10a/9c: Summer Love
12p/11c: A Tail of Love
2/1c: The Sweetest Heart
4/3c: Sweet Autumn
6/5c: The Wedding Veil
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: Taking the Reins

Monday, May 2

12p/11c: Anything for Love
2/1c: Love, For Real
4/3c: Pumpkin Pie Wars
6/5c: A Royal Runaway Romance
8/7c: Beverly Hills Wedding

Tuesday, May 3

12p/11c: Love, Once and Always
2/1c: Ms. Matched
4/3c: Love on the Menu
6/5c: My Favorite Wedding
8/7c: The Baker's Son

Wednesday, May 4

12p/11c: Season for Love
2/1c: Playing Cupid
4/3c: Autumn Dreams
6/5c: Love, Classified
8/7c: Love in the Forecast

Thursday, May 5

12p/11c: Advice to Love By
2/1c: Love to the Rescue
4/3c: June in January
6/5c: Romance in the Air
8/7c: Her Pen Pal

Friday, May 6

12p/11c: Sand Dollar Cove
2/1c: Tulips in Spring
4/3c: Love on Ice
6/5c: Love on the Sidelines
8/7c: A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love

Saturday, May 7

10a/9c: Flip That Romance
12p/11c: Nature of Love
2/1c: Hearts Down Under
4/3c: A Tail of Love
6/5c: Roadhouse Romance
8/7c: Warming Up to You *Premiere*
10/9c: Raise a Glass to Love

Sunday, May 8

10a/9c: Yes, I Do
12p/11c: Warming Up to You
2/1c: A Harvest Wedding
4/3c: Snowkissed
6/5c: The Wedding Veil Unveiled
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: In the Key of Love

Monday, May 9

12p/11c: Sister of the Bride
2/1c: Wedding Bells
4/3c: A Winter Princess
6/5c: Rome in Love
8/7c: Taking a Shot at Love

Tuesday, May 10

12p/11c: Follow Me to Daisy Hills
2/1c: Date with Love
4/3c: Winter Castle
6/5c: Where Your Heart Belongs
8/7c: Love and Sunshine

Wednesday, May 11

12p/11c: Love Blossoms
2/1c: Love in the Sun
4/3c: Under the Autumn Moon
6/5c: Sweet Carolina
8/7c: Butlers in Love

Thursday, May 12

12p/11c: Royally Ever After
2/1c: The Art of Us
4/3c: Wedding Every Weekend
6/5c: All Things Valentine
8/7c: Warming Up to You

Friday, May 13

12p/11c: The Sweeter Side of Life
2/1c: A Novel Romance
4/3c: Amazing Winter Romance
6/5c: Baby, It's Cold Inside
8/7c: Heart of the Holidays

Saturday, May 14

10a/9c: Fit for a Prince
12p/11c: A Royal Winter
2/1c: Love on Harbor Island
4/3c: You're Bacon Me Crazy
6/5c: The Wedding Veil Legacy
8/7c: Road Trip Romance *Premiere*
10/9c: A Valentine's Match

Sunday, May 15

10a/9c: Love Under the Olive Tree
12p/11c: Don't Forget I Love You
2/1c: Valentine Ever After
4/3c: Winter in Vail
6/5c: Road Trip Romance
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: Welcome to Mama's

Monday, May 16

12p/11c: Perfect Match
2/1c: Royal Hearts
4/3c: South Beach Love
6/5c: A Taste of Summer
8/7c: Bottled with Love

Tuesday, May 17

12p/11c: For Better or For Worse
2/1c: The 27-Hour Day
4/3c: The Perfect Bride
6/5c: Love in Design
8/7c: Sweet Autumn

Wednesday, May 18

12p/11c: All of My Heart: Inn Love
2/1c: All of My Heart: The Wedding
4/3c: Season for Love
6/5c: Just One Kiss
8/7c: A Tail of Love

Thursday, May 19

12p/11c: A Ring by Spring
2/1c: The Convenient Groom
4/3c: Falling for Vermont
6/5c: The Lost Valentine
8/7c: Road Trip Romance

Friday, May 20

12p/11c: A Brush with Love
2/1c: Taking a Shot at Love
4/3c: Warming Up to You
6/5c: Right in Front of Me
8/7c: Boyfriends of Christmas Past

Saturday, May 21

10a/9c: The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells
12p/11c: It Was Always You
2/1c: My One & Only
4/3c: Feeling Butterflies
6/5c: The Sweetest Heart
8/7c: Romance to the Rescue *Premiere*
10/9c: Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen

Sunday, May 22

10a/9c: A Royal Runaway Romance
12p/11c: Road Trip Romance
2/1c: Romance to the Rescue
4/3c: Love, Of Course
6/5c: Sweet Pecan Summer
8/7c: When Calls the Heart *All-New*
10/9c: Love, Classified

Monday, May 23

12p/11c: A Royal Winter
2/1c: Dater's Handbook
4/3c: Harvest Love
6/5c: Love Strikes Twice
8/7c: From Friend to Fiancé

Tuesday, May 24

12p/11c: Falling for You
2/1c: Stop the Wedding
4/3c: My Secret Valentine
6/5c: Love at First Glance
8/7c: A Little Daytime Drama

Wednesday, May 25

12p/11c: A Dash of Love
2/1c: Forever in My Heart
4/3c: Autumn in the Vineyard
6/5c: The Last Bridesmaid
8/7c: Roadhouse Romance

Thursday, May 26

12p/11c: Bridal Wave
2/1c: Love at First Glance
4/3c: My Boyfriend's Back: Wedding March 5
6/5c: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
8/7c: Romance to the Rescue

Friday, May 27

12p/11c: The Perfect Catch
2/1c: Eat, Play, Love
4/3c: Chasing Waterfalls
6/5c: Christmas CEO

Saturday, May 28

10a/9c: You Had Me at Aloha
12p/11c: Rome in Love
2/1c: Hearts of Winter
4/3c: Road Trip Romance
6/5c: Her Pen Pal
8/7c: Next Stop, Christmas
10/9c: Christmas in Tahoe

Sunday, May 29

10a/9c: Love on Iceland
12p/11c: Love at Sea
2/1c: Love on Safari
4/3c: Sun, Sand & Romance
6/5c: Love, Romance & Chocolate
8/7c: Crown for Christmas
10/9c: Coyote Creek Christmas

Monday, May 30

10a/9c: Stranded in Paradise
12p/11c: Destination Wedding
2/1c: Summer Villa
4/3c: As Luck Would Have It
6/5c: The Wedding Veil Unveiled
8/7c: Christmas at Castle Hart
10/9c: Christmas in Rome

Tuesday, May 31

12p/11c: Unleashing Mr. Darcy
2/1c: All of My Heart
4/3c: Love in Winterland
6/5c: Love at the Shore
8/7c: Autumn Dreams