Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

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Cinnamon Roll French Toast - Home & Family

Cinnamon Roll French Toast
Celebrity chef Ronnie Woo visits Home & Family with a warm and filling recipe for breakfast! Ronnie combines two classic dishes into one and tops them with a sweet icing. You can make the egg mixture and paste ahead of time if need be. Ronnie recommends using brioche because it has a soft and hearty texture but you can also use white or wheat bread. Finally, the paste is a combination of cinnamon, brown sugar and butter and gets spread between the bread slices before dipping!

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DIY Spool Side Table - Home & Family

DIY Spool Side Table
DIY Expert Ken Wingard has a statement furniture piece to jazz up your living space! There are two versions, one simple and one on the sturdier side. This DIY makes use of a Sonotube or concrete form tool to create the core of the table. For the sturdy version Ken adds four legs on the inside so that the table will hold heavier items or could serve as a seat. The finishing touch is to add thread with a Lazy Susan and create needles for a complete look.

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Ryan-James Hatanaka Interview - Home & Family

Ryan-James Hatanaka Interview
Ryan-James Hatanaka sits down with Debbie to talk about the Hallmark Movies Now original series, “When Hope Calls.” Ryan plays Gabriel Clark, a Mountie who protects the residents of Brookfield. He talks about how he did research for his character by meeting with real life Royal Canadian Mounted Police who gave him lots of insight about this profession. Ryan also talks about Kevin McGarry from When Calls the Heart who plays Mountie Nathan. The two actors enjoyed working together, and Ryan shares a clip from an upcoming episode. The actor is also a trained fight choreographer which is a great skill to have in terms of the physical scenes that he is a part of on the show. Ryan also talks about his career as a stage actor and acting in Shakespeare in the Park.

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DIY Firewood Carrier
Fashion Expert Orly Shani gets you ready for cooler weather with a DIY Firewood Carrier! You can match the fabric you use for this stylish and fun DIY to your living room decor. The basic shape for this is a durable tote bag which already includes handles. One tip is to be sure and use outdoor fabric for this DIY - check the upholstery section in your local fabric store.

Get the instructions for the DIY Firewood Carrier

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Pumpkin Spaetzle with Mushrooms and Cranberry Sauce - Home & Family

Pumpkin Spätzle with Mushrooms and Cranberry Sauce
Executive Chef Chris Coombs shares a warm and comforting recipe featuring earthy mushrooms and cranberry sauce! Spaetzle is a quick-cooking German pasta, and is actually similar to a dumpling. This versatile dish starts with pumpkin but you could substitute in carrots or squash for the root vegetable component. Chris suggests making the spaetzle with your kids to work up the gluten which is lots of fun.

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Lesley Nicol Interview
Actress Lesley Nicol joins Debbie and Larissa to talk about the new “Downton Abbey” feature film which is in theaters now! Lesley plays Mrs. Patmore and talks about how all of the characters are moved by the events that transpire in the house. Lesley talks about how shy she was as a child, and what a thrill reading a poem to an audience was when she got lots of laughs. The actress also talks about her beloved fur babies, Bertie and Freddy. The show brought her into the world of animal welfare and she has been able to spread positive messages about pets in China. Downton Abbey is in theaters now.

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DIY Magnetic Spice Storage
Paige Hemmis has a decorative way to store your cooking spices. Spices are naturally beautiful but not usually very visible outside of kitchen pantries! Materials for this DIY include 3 inch wood rounds, a drill, magnets and glass test tubes. One tip is to make sure to glue magnets so that the forces attack, not push away from each other.

Get the Instructions for the DIY Magnetic Spice Storage >>

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“Floating Island” Dessert
Sally Camacho Mueller, Executive Pastry Chef and Partner of Tesse Restaurant is showing off a decadent French dessert! This recipe is a classic but is simple to make, and starts with meringue. Finishing touches include fresh fruit of your choice.

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From Burnout to Balance
Author and TV Personality Nicole Lapin joins Debbie to talk about her book “Becoming Super Woman” and finding balance in a busy world! Nicole says it is so important to make yourself a priority. By being all things to all people you can't be nothing to yourself. Nicole herself suffered a physical and emotional breakdown after years of working too much. She believes that avoiding burnout is achieved by finding balance which requires mindfulness. There is no external solution for internal problems, and it is all about your mindset.

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Viewer Mail with Ken & Paige - Home & Family

Viewer Mail
Today, Ken, Paige and Larissa are answering questions from viewers like you! Ken shows off how to create a quick and easy holiday hostess gift with olive oil! Be sure to use high quality first press olive oil, and be sure to cover the herb spring all the way over with oil. Next up, Paige shows you how to freshen up your mattress with baking soda, water a sieve and some fabric softener.

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Adoption Ever After
Larissa welcomes Scott Poore who proves he is a true animal advocate when he went to live with Queen at her shelter! Queen has been there for over 400 days but now has Scott as a roommate to help keep her company. Scott introduces this beautiful dog who wants to be a human’s best friend. Queen would do best as an only dog and in a home with older children. Scott and Larissa are hoping Queen finds her forever home very soon. Find out more about Queen at

Next up Larissa has Tillie on the show! She is a gorgeous yellow labrador who is about 1 1/2 years old and has lots of energy. She is learning lots of things and loves to swim. She will do well with an active family and a house that may have a pool! To find out more about Tillie please visit