DIY Expert Ken Wingard has a statement furniture piece to jazz up your living space!


  • 18” wooden rounds (2)
  • 12” diameter Sonotube
  • Wooden studs 2” x 2” x 18” (4)
  • 2” L Brackets (4)
  • 1” drywall screws
  • 2” drywall screws
  • Power drill
  • Yarn
  • Spray paint (white or cream)
  • Lazy Susan
  • Pencil
  • Box-cutter
  • Optional:
  • Saw



  1. Cut your sonotube down to 18” height, using a box cutter or saw.
  2. Spray paint your sonotube a white or cream color.
  3. Cut the 2” x 2” wooden stud down to 18”.
  4. Place the sonotube onto the center of one of your wooden rounds and trace it from the inside.
  5. Take one of your wooden studs and mark out even placement of the four studs around the inside of the circle you traced.
  6. Using your 1” screws, drill your L Brackets into one end of each of your 2” x 2” x18” wooden studs.
  7. Screw the other side of your L brackets into the wooden round, so your studs are now in place. You should now have a wooden round with four square posts sticking up in a circle.
  8. Place your sonotube over the top and use your 1” screws to secure the sonotube into the posts.
  9. Place your second wooden round on top of the sonotube, centered. Screw your 2” screws through your round into the top of your 2” x 2” wooden studs. Now you have your spool shape!
  10. Flip your spool over onto your lazy susan and hot glue the tail of your yarn in place.
  11. Spin the lazy susan around and around until you’ve fully wound your spool with “thread”. If making the needle, leave a long tail, if not glue the end tail down.


  1. Cut your ⅜” dowel down to 18” length.
  2. Cut your ¾” dowel down to 8” length.
  3. Take your ⅜” bit and drill into the center of your ¾” dowel.
  4. Glue your ⅜” dowel into the hole of your ¾” dowel.
  5. Use your small drill bit to create a hole for your “thread” through the top of your thicker dowel.
  6. Tape a rectangle of each grit of sandpaper to your worktable.
  7. In a downward motion, roll any sharp, inorganic edges on your needle on the 60-grit sandpaper until they are smoothed.
    1. *This step is critical for the area where you inserted your smaller dowel. *
  8. Repeat this process on the 220-grit sandpaper to smooth the wood to the touch. This should give you a very smooth, organic looking needle shape.
  9. Paint your needle silver.
  10. At the top, use your sharpie to draw an eye on the needle, make sure to color over the area where you drilled to feed your “thread” through.
  11. Feed your excess yarn through the hole in the “eye” of your needle.
  12. Weave your needle through the yarn wound around your spool side table and enjoy
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