Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Season 9, Episode 3 recap of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Dennis Quaid Interview
Actor, musician, animal, and now podcast pioneer Dennis Quaid visits our home. Dennis has had a successful career and continues to be busy as he started a new platform and podcast company call Audio Up which hosts his new podcast, “The Dennisance.” He also shares how he rescued a cat who also happens to be named Dennis Quaid.

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Marshall Williams - "Follow Me to Daisy Hills"
Actor Marshall Williams stars in the new Hallmark Channel original movie “Follow Me to Daisy Hills.” Marshall is a true renaissance man. He is an excellent photographer, singer and actor. He recounts his groundbreaking role on “Glee” and what motivates his “Follow Me to Daisy Hills” character Blake to help out an ex-girlfriend’s family business.

Follow Me to Daisy Hills” premieres Saturday, September 19th at 9/8c.

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Carla Hall - Pie Bar with Pie Dippers and Pie Filling
If you like pie, especially many types of pie, all at once, Carla Hall has the perfect easy dessert recipe for you! You can also listen to Carla Hall in her podcast, “Say Yes,” where she finds the secret sauce behind celebrities’ success on

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Weird Hair Treatments That Work - Home & Family

Weird, But It Works!
Kym Douglas shares natural hair treatments that are weird and wacky, but they work! Getting curls without heat is the hot new hairstyle trend. Kym shows how to skip the iron and use your bathrobe belt to make bouncy curls and more.

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Wheat Decor
Fall is right around the corner and Maria has the perfect DIY to change up the décor in your home with wheat.

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Pet Adoption – Kobe & Sasha
Larissa introduces two wonderful dogs, Kobe and Sasha, who are looking for forever homes.

Find more information on how to adopt Kobe and Sasha at

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Fabio Viviani - Pepperoni Pizza
There is nothing like a fresh slice of pizza. Fabio Viviani joins Debbie from his kitchen to make the Italian classic, to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

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Brandi Milloy - DIY Hanging Foliage Lanterns
Lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy is back and shedding some light on our Fall nights with her DIY Hanging Foliage Lanterns.

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Jacks & Shawl – Bubbly Sesh Season 2
Jacks and Shawl are the voice of Hallmarkies with their Hallmark Channel movie recaps in the Hallmark Channel's Bubbly Sesh podcast. The podcast recently reached 1 million downloads. Jacks and Shawl share what’s in store for season 2 and their excitement at the fact there will be 40 new Hallmark Channel Christmas movies coming this season.

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DIY School Caddy
Back to school looks a lot different so Ken has a DIY back to school caddy to keep kids organized and parents sane.

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Family Favorites
From fun family activities to passion project the family is sharing projects that have recently been on their radar. Ken has rediscovered his passion for peaches, Kym’s family came together to solve puzzles and Maria has been obsessed with a trendy bracelet for mom’s that is personalized with their children’s names.

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