Ken Wingard has a DIY back to school caddy to keep kids organized.
DIY School Caddy
Organization, Storage


  • 3-tier rolling cart
  • Small whiteboard that fits in the tier of the cart
  • Pillow to size of whiteboard
  • Organizational trays
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Command hooks and strips
  • Headphones
  • Metal wall mount mailbox
  • Your child’s notebooks, textbooks and binders
  • Magnetic calendar
  • Decorative magnets


  • Paint


  1. First, create the whiteboard lap desk. To do so use hot glue to adhere the pillow to the bottom of the board. Place it in the top tier of the cart.
  2. The middle tier, which is usually the tallest is great for storing and organizing your kid’s notebooks, textbooks and reading materials. Organize by subject.
  3. Arrange organizational trays in the bottom tier as you like to store markers, pencils, crayons and paper.
  4. To store your child’s headphones, place command hooks in convenient area on the outside of the top tier.
  5. To store your child’s tablet and or assignments, attach a wall mount mailbox to the side of the caddy using command strips or an industrial glue. If you use glue, it will need to dry for 24 hours before use. PRO TIP: paint the mailbox beforehand to match the aesthetic of the cart and your home if desired.
  6. Place the magnetic calendar on the backside of the caddy along with fun decorative magnets and enjoy!

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