Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Wave Proudly - Home & Family

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Wave Proudly
Orly reveals the Wave Proudly ornament on Day 8 of the Hallmark Keepsake ornament advent calendar. Wave Proudly is very special to Orly as it celebrates service men and women across the country including her husband who is a police officer.

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Pet Adoption - Macci - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
Merrick is still waiting for his adoption ever after. He is a big boy that has been in a shelter most of his life. He is smart and has lots energy and affection.

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Macci is a pure-bred Dalmatian. He is very well behaved as he is learning his commands and plays well with other dogs. He is only about a year old and needs a little training.

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Melissa Claire Egan Interview - Home & Family

Melissa Claire Egan Interview
Emmy award-nominated actress Melissa Claire Egan stars in the new movie “Holiday for Heroes” premiering on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Melissa plays Audrey who becomes pen pals with a soldier named Matt. However, their relationship leaps off the page when they unexpectedly meet in person.

In addition to acting, Melissa is also a member of the band Canal Street and recently performed in a sold-out show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

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Andrew Gruel’s Crab-Stuffed Salmon with Cranberry Glaze - Home & Family

Andrew Gruel’s Crab-Stuffed Salmon with Cranberry Glaze
Andrew Gruel, owner of Slapfish, has an alternative Thanksgiving main course that will turn heads and avoid the tryptophan slump from Turkey. Andrew’s Crab-Stuffed Salmon with Cranberry Glaze looks beautiful and is quite easy to make.

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Bath Time Bliss
The Holidays can be hectic with little time to stop and relax. Kym helps us de-stress with a blissful bath routine. A twenty-minute bath using bath salts, candles and more for twenty minutes makes a huge difference. Check out a full list of the products for bath time bliss below:

  • 100% Pure Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath
  • Dani Naturals Candles
  • SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder
  • Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow

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Dr. Lauren Theilen
Dr. Lauren Theilen is the star of the new series “Dr. T Lone Star Vet.” The acclaimed veterinarian and professor at the University of Miami specializes in exotic animals. She introduces Debbie and Cameron to some special animals including an armadillo named Holly Jolly.

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DIY Scarf Camera Straps - Home & Family

DIY Scarf Camera Straps
Orly shows how to take Holiday photos in style with her DIY Scarf Camera Straps. They are a fun fashionable and functional addition to your outfit. This DIY was inspired by the Hallmark Channel movie “Picture a Perfect Christmas.”

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Banana Walnut Waffles
Melissa Halas is a dietician specializing in kids nutrition and adult cancer prevention. She has a simple breakfast from her new cookbook, “The Super Crew’s Breakfast Cookbook for Kids,” to help kids start their day off on the right foot. She shows Cameron how to make Banana Walnut Waffles.

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DIY Pet Murphy Bed - Home & Family

DIY Pet Murphy Bed
DIY expert, and pet parent, Luke Barr shows how to keep our pets comfortable and homes tidy with his DIY Pet Murphy Bed. Pets tend to take over a space and this is a great solution for hiding their bed and making it unique as it can also store their toys.

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Dr. David Sbarra on Keeping Relationships Healthy - Home & Family

Keeping Relationships Healthy
Dr. David Sbarra explains the physical as well as emotional benefits to keeping a healthy relationship. Good health is inevitably tied to our close relationships from holding hands to feeling heard.

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Upcycled Pumpkin Snowman - Home & Family

Upcycled Pumpkin Snowman
Ali is showing how to transfer left over pumpkins into Snowmen. Ali’s Upcycled Pumpkin Snowman is a great way to repurpose pumpkins. Definitely do this craft with your fake pumpkins not real ones.

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Planning Christmas on a Budget - Home & Family

Planning Christmas on a Budget
The countdown to Christmas is well underway and we’re all preparing our shopping lists. Now is a great time to stick to your budget and even earn cash back.

First, you must write out a budget. Next, learn how to earn money back as you are shopping. This is possible by shopping at your favorite stores through The site makes it easy to rack up savings in no time.

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