Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Season 9, Episode 52 recap of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Alison Sweeney – “Good Morning Christmas!”

Alison Sweeney, star of the Hallmark Channel original “Good Morning Christmas!” visits to talk about her new movie. She is channeling Debbie and Cameron in her role as Melissa, a morning TV show. She shares a preview of the movie.

You can find the full recipe for Ali & Dave’s Homemade Dog Food here.

Good Morning Christmas!” premieres Wednesday, November 25th at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel.

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Pet Adoption - Belle & Noelle

Belle & Noelle are the softest six-month-old kittens. They are great with kids, dogs, and other cats and are ready for their forever home.

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Gemma Stafford - Petite Pumpkin Pies

Pumpkin pie is always a favorite dessert but sometimes we want one all for ourselves. Chef and creator of Bigger Bolder Baking, Gemma Stafford is making our dreams come true with her Petite Pumpkin Pies recipe.

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal #23 – Christmas Cupcakes Gingerbread Cutie

Orly reveals the 23rd ornament in the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Giveaway – Christmas Cupcakes Gingerbread Cutie.

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Wooden Angels

Maria Provenzano is showing us how to make beautiful and timeless Wooden Angels.

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Misty Copeland – “Bunheads”

One of the most accomplished dancers of all time and principle dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland visits to talk about adding Best-selling author to her accomplishments with her new book, “Bunheads.” The children’s book is inspired by her own start in the ballet and the beauty this art form can bring to one’s life.

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Non-Traditional Christmas Trees

Shirley Bovshow shows us unexpected plants that thrive indoors and make great non-traditional Christmas Tree options. They are perfect for Christmas as they have a pyramid shape and help save space.

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Bethany Joy Lenz – “Five Star Christmas”

Bethany Joy Lenz, star of “Five Star Christmas” talks about her fun new movie that is sure to get the whole family laughing. Joy plays Lucy, who returns home for Christmas and finds herself pretending to be a guest at her father's bed and breakfast.

Five Star Christmas” premieres Friday, November 27th at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel.

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Laptop Cases

Orly is helping us wrap up and protect our laptops in a fashionable way with DIY Laptop Cases.

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Roasted Game Hens – Thanksgiving for Two

Some Thanksgiving celebrations are smaller celebrations and we have a recipe to help you get a simple, easy and delicious dinner for two on the table.

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DIY Christmas Light Garland

Kristin Smith makes a DIY Christmas Light Garland that will brighten up your holiday décor and never burnout.

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DIY Popcorn Snack Station

Now is the time to stay warm and snuggle up inside with your favorite Hallmark Movies. Maria Provenzano is making our experience festive by getting decked out in Hallmark Channel gear and putting out blankets and pillows to keep cozy. She also shows how to deck out a bar cart and turn it into a DIY Popcorn and Snack Station.

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