Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Care

Shirley Bovshow shows us unexpected plants that thrive indoors and make great non-traditional Christmas Tree options.

These plants are perfect for Christmas as they have a pyramid shape and help save space.

Norfolk Pine Care:

  • They need bright light.
  • You should only water these when the soil is about 50% dry.
  • They really like humidity. -getting a spray tank to mist them helps.

Bay Leaf Tree Care:

  • Set in a bright room, it’s like it’s sunlight.
  • Water just as the soil begins to feel dry.

To Dry Leaves:

  • Put bay leaves out on a cookie sheet. Leave them out for about a week, until they’re nice & dry. Then use them in all your recipes!

Pittosporum Tree Care:

  • Needs very bright light as a potted houseplant.
  • Just water it when the soil starts to feel dry.

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