Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

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Ron Livingston - A Million Little Things - Home & Family

Ron Livingston – A Million Little Things
Actor Ron Livingston has appeared in so many amazing projects including the cult classic “Office Space” and “Sex and the City.” He is getting critical acclaim for his latest role in the ABC drama “A Million Little Things.” Ron explains his role as Johnathon on the show is like no other, he has played before.

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DIY Egg Carton Vases
Maria Provenzano has an egg-cellent craft to breathe new life into our leftover egg cartons. She transforms this everyday item into a piece of art with her DIY Egg Carton Vases.

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Lori Rogers - Classic Beef Stroganoff - Home & Family

Lori Rogers – Classic Beef Stroganoff
Chef Lori Rogers may be from California, but she is famous for her Southern cuisine. She joins Cameron in the kitchen to make the ultimate cold weather comfort food, a Classic Beef Stroganoff that will warm you from the inside out.

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Bubbies Know Best
Grandmothers love to give advice on dating and relationships. Luckily three are visiting our home today. Bubbie SJ, Bubbie Linda and Bubbie Bunny share their wisdom as grandmothers and matchmakers from their show “Bubbies Knows Best.”

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Pet Anxiety Busters - Home & Family

Pet Anxiety Busters
Whether it is caused by thunderstorms, travel or separation, seeing your pet being anxious is heartbreaking. Larissa has tried and true products to help calm their nerves and give us all piece of mind.

You can find the products Larissa shared available online:

  • PetWell Back & Neck Reliever, Available here

  • Feliway Classic Diffuser for Cats, Available here

  • RelaxoPet Pro Animal Relaxation Trainer, Available here

  • Best Friends by Sheri Calming Doughnut Cuddler, Available here

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DIY Copper Stools
One of the biggest trends in home design is using copper, but it can be pretty pricey. Orly Shani shows how we can create an authentic copper stool for a fraction of the cost.

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Pet Adoption
Callie is a beautiful purebred Dudley lab with an adorable pink color nose. She is a one-year old pup the is full of energy, knows her commands and loves to swim. A home with a fenced in yard would be perfect for this family friendly beauty.

Find out more about how to adopt Callie at

Kingston is looking for a forever home in time for his eighth birthday. He is a sweet Cavalier King Charles lap dog that loves walks and kids.

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Kelly LeVeque – Herby Italian Chicken
Health Coach Kelly LeVeque joins Debbie in the kitchen to make a delicious chicken dinner, full of flavor that can be ready in 15 minutes. The recipe comes from her new book, “Body Love Every Day” which features meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

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DIY Phone Stand - Home & Family

DIY Phone Stand
We don’t have enough hands to juggle our phones. Ali Manno gives us a helping hand with her DIY Phone Stand, an inexpensive way to create your own phone holder and charging stand.

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Grace Byers – I Believe I Can
“Empire” actress and best-selling author Grace Byers shares her new book, “I Believe I Can,” which helps kids learn confidence and global compassion. The book is a follow up to “I am Enough” and was inspired by her experience as a bi-racial child of two deaf parents and the barriers she witnessed her mother break.

“I Believe I Can” and “I am Enough” are available wherever books are sold.

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Viewer Mail
The only thing better than receiving cards is receiving your questions. The family has gathered to answer your questions from tool hacks for smooth DIYs and how to replace missing beads on a garment to playing footsies with your dog to help groom their sensitive paws.

Cameron’s Tool Hacks

Removing A Nail Without Leaving A Mark:

When you are removing a nail from a certain spot on your wall but don’t want to leave a mark, I suggest using a kitchen sponge up against the wall to be able to remove the nail.

Gauging How Far To Drill Into Wall:

Use a piece of tape on the end of the drill bit to know how far you’ve gone into the wall. Once you hit the tape, you know that you’ve gone far enough into your wall.

Adding Extra Leverage:

Instead of using 1 wrench, use 2 wrenches for added leverage. This is helpful for unscrewing or fastening a nut or bolt.

Orly's Tips on How to Resew Loose Or Missing Beads

Find a color of thread that matches your garment. Use a fine beading needle that will work with the size of the beads that you are using. Start by coming through the back side of the garment with your needle. Then, thread the needle through the bead and go back through your garment with the needle and bead. You can thread a few beads at a time by bunching them on the needle. Make your stitch, pull the knot and trim off the extra thread.

Larissa's Tips For Paw Sensitivity

To increase the threshold of your dog’s tolerance to paw sensitivity. I suggest slowly starting to touch their paws. Start by doing this just for a split second. Get your dog used to the feeling, until you can hold each paw. Don’t even worry about his or her nails because calm will come! If you’d like to use a toy with treats to distract your dog, that’s a great way to have some positive reinforcement.