Maria Provenzano has an egg-cellent craft to breathe new life into our leftover egg cartons


  • Egg cartons, dozen or flats work, but they all have to be the same brand or style
  • Straight hurricane vase
  • X-Acto knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • Spray paint
  • E6000 or clear Gorilla Glue


1. Cut strips of the desired part of the cartons with an X-Acto knife. Different parts of the carton will give you different looks:

  • The dividing center strip of a dozen carton creates the Vertical Spikey Vase

  • A strip of the bottom of the egg cradles will create the Horizontal Spikey Vase

  • The side of the egg cradle next to the hinge of the dozen carton will create the slide-on temporary version.

PRO TIP: You can measure the vase and strips to see how many cartons you will need to save up for this!

2. If you’re creating a permanent option, glue the strips directly onto the vase.

  • To create the vertical spikey vase, glue the strips on with space in between so that you can glue the connecting strip on top. Make sure the space is slightly narrower than the strips, so you don’t see any vase in between.

  • To create the horizontal spikey vase, glue the strips on horizontally by applying a dab of glue to the top of each bump on the strip and holding it on until it sticks, stagger the rows for visual interest.

  • To create the temporary option, wrap the strips around the vase and glue the ends of the strip together.

PRO TIP: For the permanent versions, adding a bit of E6000 or clear gorilla glue after the hot glue sets will ensure a stronger bond.

3. Spray paint if desired, allow to dry completely.

4. Set in your décor, add some flowers and enjoy!

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