Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

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Jamie Ivey
Best-selling author and podcaster Jamie Ivey, shares advice from her podcast “Your Last Decade.” In the podcast Jamie talks about examining your past to help create the future of your dreams.

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Marcel Cocit - Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars - Home & Family

Marcel Cocit – Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars
Celebrity Chef to the stars Marcel Cocit is turning a childhood favorite lunch into a delicious treat. He joins Debbie in the kitchen to create Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars inspired by his daughter.

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DIY Panel Jeans
Add new love to an old pair of jeans with Orly Shani’s DIY Panel Jeans. This is a great way to add color or metallics while covering rips or holes in a well-worn and loved pair.

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Kym’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
Cameron is in the kitchen with Kym Douglas who is showing us her favorite kitchen lifesavers. These items can help make pasta in minutes or clean your kitchen quickly after a meal.

Fasta Pasta, $14.99, Bedbath&

Premium Defrosting Tray, $79.95

Dino Taco Holders, $18.95,

Kitchen Squeegeee, $19.99,

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Renee Lawless – DIY Flower Letter
Actress Renee Lawless is known for her role as Katheryn Cryer on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” She returns to our home in a different role as she shows Debbie how to make DIY Floral Letters with recycled materials.

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Pet Adoption - Alice - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
Alice is a cute Maltese / Shih Tzu mix. She has super soft fur that does not shed and loves people.

Find out more about how to adopt Alice at

Tonka is a lovable goofball. He knows his commands, such as sit and shake. He’d do well in a home with a yard where this big snuggle bug could run and play around.

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Spring Cleaning - Home & Family

Spring Cleaning
It’s time for Spring cleaning and the family has gathered to show their favorite tips for staying organized and keeping things tidy. Maria, Kym and Orly show how to keep your refrigerator, makeup bag and closet clean and organized.

Makeup Expiration Dates:

• Liquid foundation – 12 months

• Face powders- 24 months

• Lipstick- 24 months

• Liquid eyeliner- 6 months

• Mascara- 3 months

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Jernard Wells - Rosemary & Mint Pesto Lamb Chops
Known as the Chef of love, Chef Jernard Wells joins Cameron in the kitchen to make Rosemary & Mint Pesto Lamb Chops. Chef Jernard is a father of nine and his down-home spin on this lamb chop makes it one the whole family will love.

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Anita K. – Behaving Bravely
Fears that hold you back in life are shaped by past experience. However, author of “Behaving Bravely” Anita K. shares it’s never too late to be brave like a lion and conquer these fears.

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DIY Fruit Bowls
We’d all like to get more fruit in our diet. Maria Provenzano has an adorable way to put fruit on display in your home. Her DIY Fruit Bowls seamlessly integrate with your home décor and make it easy to grab a healthy snack on the go.

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Bosu Ball Workout - Home & Family

Bosu Ball Workout
Cameron shows a great piece of equipment that can work out your whole body in a short amount of time. He demonstrates easy workouts on the Bosu ball, which stands for both sides utilized.

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