“The Haves and the Have Nots” star Renee Lawless shares a Spring floral decor DIY that uses recyclables.


  • Faux flowers
  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • Masking tape, 2” wide
  • Leftover tissue paper and plastic bags
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Matte spray paint in desired color for base
  • Scissors


  • Command strips


  1. Stuff the paper towel rolls with tissue paper or plastic bags.
  2. Cut notches in the ends of rolls that will have to connect to other rolls like in the bridge of an “h”. Hot glue the rolls together to make letters. Tape over any open ends with masking tape.
  3. If you have a curved letter, twist plastic bags and wrap them in a spiral of masking tape to create the curve. Shove into the ends of the cardboard tube straight parts of the letter and secure with tape.
  4. Once you’ve created your letter form, paint it one color. Allow to dry.
  5. Separate all the flower heads from the stems and glue them onto the letterform.
  6. You can use command strips on the back if you’re hanging these, otherwise display as desired and enjoy!

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