Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

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Ronnie Woo - Gruyere and Sour Cream Scones - Home & Family

Ronnie Woo – Gruyere and Sour Cream Scones
Chef Ronnie Woo is taking a very popular British baked treat and adding a tangy twist.

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Frosted Glass Décor - Home & Family

Frosted Glass Décor
Freezing temps are not deterring us from having fun this winter. Paige is bringing the outdoors in with her DIY Frosted Glass Décor inspired by the new Hallmark Channel movie “Love in Winterland” premiering Saturday, January 11th at 9pm/8c.

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Pet Adoption - Dodger - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
10-year-old Elmo is the cutest little scruffy haired Pomeranian / Brussels Griffon mix. He is a spunky little boy, full of energy.

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Dodger is a snuggly and smiley westie mix. This one year old is a great cuddle buddy that would make a great addition to your home.

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Dr. Mao’s Weight Wellness Challenge
Dr. Mao, co-founder of the award-winning integrative medicine center - The Tao of Wellness, shares his weight wellness challenge and how a few small changes can lead to a lifetime of health.

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Viewer Mail - Personalized Water Bottles & DIY Mattress Cleaner - Home & Family

Viewer Mail
The family is answering your questions. Maria and her son Grant help a viewer personalize water bottles. Orly shows how to repair a snagged sweater with a crochet needle. Finally, Kym shows how to clean your mattress with a chemical-free homemade disinfectant.

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DIY One Shoulder Turtleneck
Orly Shani has a DIY that will keep us warm and stylish. Her DIY One Shoulder Turtleneck is inspired by the new Winterfest movie “Love in Winterland” premiering Saturday, January 11th at 9pm/8c on Hallmark.

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Govind Armstrong - Herb Roasted Chicken & Grits
Chef Govind returns to the kitchen to turn a few ingredients into a winner, winner delicious chicken dinner. Chef Govind’s chicken is perfectly roasted with a crispy skin and served with rice grits.

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Functional Fashion
Kym Douglas shows you do not have to suffer to look chic with her functional fashion tips. She shares items with Larissa that help you look great while also being used for other applications.

Antonia Saint,

Women’s Organizer Bag Multifunctional,

Smart Belt Buckle,

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Elizabeth Pearson Shares How to Get Unstuck and Live Your Best Life
After generating millions for the biggest companies, Elizabeth Pearson now coaches women on achieving their highest life goals. Elizabeth tells us how to live the life you want and deserve with her new book “How to Get Unstuck.”

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DIY Snow Day Fun
Maria Provenzano and Grant, her son and craft buddy, are sharing their favorite indoor activities perfect for Snow Days or for passing time together while watching Hallmark Channel’s Winterfest movies.

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Pet Rescue 101
The new year has inspired people to head to their local shelter or rescue organization to adopt a pet. The process can be daunting so Larissa shares tips to make what can at times be a daunting process it easy and fun.

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