Thursday, October 10th, 2019

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Designing a Fall Porch - Home & Family

Designing a Fall Porch
Ken shows how to bring fall to your front door with Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Fall Radiance Collection. The collection has plenty of decor to reflect the changing season. You can easily create depth and tie your porch design together by hanging garland, adding a wreath and a window box of flowers. Founder and CEO of Balsam Hill Mac Harman adds Outdoor Fall Radiance Collection is UV coated so it keeps its vibrant colors year after year. The collection has many items including Rustic Heirloom Pumpkins, a Canadian Maple Potted Tree and a Seasonal Lantern with Candles that can be added to extend your decor past the front door and into Thanksgiving.

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Jami Goldman Marseilles
Teacher, author and gold-medal winning runner Jami Goldman Marseilles shares the story of how losing her legs helped her learn how to rise above life’s challenges. Her new book, “Up and Running,” details how after being trapped in a car stuck in a snow bank for 11 days she lost her legs to frost bite. She fought her way back to mobility by becoming an elite athlete with encouragement from her grandfather, giving her life a fun twist of irony.

Her focus on being active and eating healthy helped her fight a cancer diagnosis. She wanted to give others hope to overcome similar challenges by creating “Warriors with Hope” which benefits people and families with cancer or traumatic injuries. “Up and Running” by Jami Goldman Marseilles is available wherever books are sold.

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Sugar Scrubs - Home & Family

Sugar Scrubs
Kym’s super sugar scrubs will keep our faces soft and glowing through the cold fall and winter months. Exfoliation is key during this chilly season and Kym suggestions using the following tools to get the job done. First, Kym shows us the Konjac sponge made from a root of the same name that grows in Asia and was used to wash the gentle skin of babies. This sponge starts rock hard, but with a 10-minute soak it becomes a super soft facial sponge. Next, from Nurse Jamie is an anti-microbial silicone structured glove that repels bacteria and gives your face a deep cleansing. Finally, you can make your own fall face scrub that is toxin and chemical free. A trick to making a batch of easy to use scrubs is to store your homemade mixture in an ice cube tray.

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Maria, Ken & Paige Answer Viewer Mail - Home & Family

Maria, Ken & Paige Answer Viewer Mail
Maria, Ken and Paige answer questions from the “Home & Family” viewer mailbox. Maria helps a viewer with baking substitutes for the holidays. She shares easy swaps for key ingredients: eggs, butter and brown sugar.

• Equal parts coconut oil
• Equal parts Greek yogurt

• ¼ cup applesauce per egg
• ½ banana smashed, or roughly ¼ cup per egg

Brown Sugar
• 1 tablespoon of molasses per 1 cup of regular white sugar

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Ken’s answer to a viewer looking for a Fall decoration other than pumpkins, apples or leaves is wheat bundles. He shows how wheat decor can be created in no time.

Get the instructions for the DIY Wheat Decor >>

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Paige gives a viewer tips on how to get organized for a move with a handy chart, painter’s tape, graph paper, and scissors.

Get the before moving chart >>

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Adoption Ever After - Moon - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After
Larissa introduces a pumpkin spiced pup named Moon available for adoption from Pacific Pups rescue. He a 7-year-old German Pincher and Chihuahua mix. Currently, Moon is in a foster home but looking for a forever home.

Nellie, is a heroic dog up for adoption. You may remember her as she was featured before after stepping in front of her foster mom to protect her from a snake. Nellie is still looking for a home. She is currently up for adoption from the Final Frontier Rescue Project in Austin, TX.

Find out more at Facebook.Com/Finalfrontierrescueproject

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Pear Spice Cake
Beth Le Manach, the host of “Entertaining with Beth” makes a gorgeous Pear Spice Cake in the “Home & Family” kitchen. You always hear about apple spice cakes. However, Beth says pears are the unsung hero of the produce aisle especially at this time of year. She reminds us that they are in season and delicious with this Pear Spice Cake recipe. Brown sugar adds a delicious richness and Fall taste to the cake.

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Pumpkin Soup - Home & Family

Pumpkin Soup
Nothing says Fall like pumpkins and Chef Marcel Cocit has the perfect Pumpkin Soup recipe. This recipe is super simple as you can use canned pumpkin or you can use sugar pumpkins that have been roasted and pureed. Marcel also suggests adding water to stop the broth from overpowering the pumpkin flavor.

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"Ultimate Cowboy Showdown" Contestants J Storme Jannise and Tara Power
J Storme Jannise and Tara Power are the only two women competing against 10 men in the “Ultimate Cowboy Showdown.” J Storme Jannise explains they were inspired to try out as no where in the post for the competition did it say women were prohibited and she wanted to show America girls can be Cowboys as well.

Tara was also encouraged to apply as her colleagues felt she fit the description for competitors. Admittedly, she was surprised to be picked but happy as it is her dream to be a cowboy. Both women recounted their first impressions after meeting one another. There was a mix of relief and apprehension which eventually lead to friendship. The “Ultimate Cowboy Showdown” is hosted by Trace Adkins and the prize is a herd of cattle which is a big deal to both women as they work in agriculture. The “Ultimate Cowboy Showdown” premieres Monday, October 14th on INSP at 9pm ET/ 10pm PT.

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National Fire Prevention Week - Home & Family

National Fire Prevention Week
Everyone should know how to protect themselves and their families in case of a fire. Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Branden Silverman returns to “Home & Family” to share lifesaving lessons as part of this year’s National Fire Prevention Week. This year’s theme is “Not every hero has a cape. Plan and practice your escape.” Fires can quickly start and spread leaving little time to escape so it is imperative to have a plan.

Tip #1: Have an escape plan in place are share it with your family. You should also practice this plan a few times each year.

Tip #2: Have a shelter in place, which is important for those who may live in a multi-level building with no way to escape. This includes keeping the room door closed to prevent the spread of the fire.

Tip #3: Test your smoke detector. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years.

Tip #4: Light pumpkins with electronic lights instead of candles.

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Cameron Gets Crafty with Paige and Maria
Paiges shows Cameron how corn can be on the table as a decoration instead of dinner. Inspired by the beautiful texture and color of flint corn found in the mid-west, Paige uses corn to create DIY Corn Vases.

Get the directions for making DIY Corn Vases >>

It won't be long before holiday parties are in full swing and you should never arrive empty handed. Maria's DIY Beanie Bottle Toppers turn an ordinary bottle of wine into a creative and cozy gift.

Get the instructions for DIY Beanie Bottle Toppers >>