DIY Beanie Bottle Toppers turn an ordinary bottle of wine into a creative and cozy gift.
DIY Beanie Bottle Toppers
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  • Yarn
  • Paper rolls (from toilet paper or paper towels)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Poly-fil


  1. Cut your paper roll into 1” pieces. This will serve as the fold and structural base of your beanie.
  2. Cut a bunch of strips of yarn to the same length. *Feel free to get creative with color combinations of yarn! *
  3. Fold the pieces of yarn in half.
  4. String a folded piece of yarn through the center of the roll and feed the tails through the arch of the fold and pull taut around the edge of the roll. This is a lark’s head knot.
  5. Continue adding yarn using the lark’s head knot around the circumference of the cut roll until you have no more room.
  6. Gather all the yarn and push it through the hole.
  7. All of the knots should now be at the bottom of the fold of your beanie.
  8. Cut a piece of yarn and tie it around the yarn to create a tassel at the top. Trim the tails. Now you have your beanie!
  9. Stuff the inside with poly-fil.
  10. Place on a bottle and enjoy!

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