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Monday, July 1, 2019

Fertilizer 101
Shirley Bovshow shows you how fertilizer is the key to helping your plants reach their full potential. The main components of fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which provide leafy growth, flower/fruit growth, and overall vigor and strength for the plant.

· Always water your soil after applying fertilizer
· Power Fertilizer - Best for landscapes or yards
· Look for specialty blends for different types of plants such as roses, green shrubs and fruiting tree
· Liquid- Best for house plants or plants in small containers

· “Foliar Spray” is simply spraying fertilizer on your plant leaves - this is done as an emergency remedy if your plant needs nutrients ASAP.

· Spike: Available in large sizes for landscapes plants and shrubs as well as small for potted plants

· Spikes are limited in effectiveness because the fertilizer spreads to a small area of the root, but used for convenience. Lasts up to three months

· TIP: Divide dose on package and fertilize more frequently to give it a steady feeding
· TIP: Do not fertilize plants when they are stressed out (ie, leaves are falling, plant has just been transplanted)

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