Maria Provenzano shows you how to turn old chip canisters into dynamite DIY firecrackers.


  • Canister
  • Craft paper/foam sheets/ribbon
  • Any other extra decor
  • Spray adhesive
  • Decorative 4th of July picks
  • Flashlight
  • Nail & hammer or drill or awl


1. First cover up your can with either craft paper or foam sheets.

2. Spray adhesive onto paper & onto can & wrap paper around can.

3. Add your extra decor like ribbon or letters & attach with glue.

4. It’s time to make your holes in the top of the canister. Using a nail & hammer make a hold into the top of the tin. Using an x-acto knife widen the hole a bit.

5. Using an awl (or nail & hammer) created other puncture holes around your big hole.

6. Insert your decorative picks into the big hole.

7. Move picks to the side & put flashlight on the inside.

8. Seal up with the cap. Ta-da!

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