Summer Dollar Store DIY Challenge

Ken, Maria, and Shirley kick off the third official summer dollar store challenge.


Ken’s DIY Sand Castle Ice Cream Cake"
1. Soften your ice cream until it is easily stir-able. Pour it into your clean castle mold.

2. Place sand castle/ice cream into the freezer overnight.

3. When hardened, gently dip the mold into hot water for a few seconds. This will break the “seal” of the ice cream.

4. Place a plate over the opening of your hold and flip the entire thing over.

5. Gently coax the ice cream out of the mold until you have your ice cream sitting on the plate. Place back in the freezer to re-harden anything that melted.

6. While the ice cream is refreezing, bake your cake and frost it.

7. Add a layer of graham cracker crust across the cake.

8. Gently place the ice cream castle onto the cake.

9. Use your remaining graham cracker crumbs to coat the ice cream. Do this by putting the graham cracker crumbs into your hands and patting them onto the ice cream.

10. Use your blue sprinkles to create a little river or moat around the cake.

11. Last, add little gummy bears sitting on the fruit candies to create little “people” on towels!

Maria's DIY Watermelon Toy Basket:
1. Depending on the laundry baskets you find, you may need to cut off the handles. This will keep the basket flat.

2. Flip one basket upside down as the base.

3. Place the other basket right side up on the first basket.

4. Screw the two baskets together through the bottom. I added a little bit of hot glue to the end of the screws to keep them safe around little hands.

5. Tear a piece of paper in half to create little “watermelon stripe” stencils.

6. Spray paint the stripes onto the laundry basket.

7. Paint a white line around the brim of the laundry basket.

8. Cut the pool noodles to fit as a lid on top of the laundry basket. Attach them together using wooden screws.

9. Clean up your toys, drop them inside and add your pool noodle lid!

Shirley’s Flower Dryer:
1. Tie the four ends of the two pans, one above the other, at least 10 inches apart.

2. Hang this from the ceiling or from a holder that allows it to hang flat.

3. Poke the stem of your flower through the muffin wrapper and place into a perforation in the pan. Repeat with as many flowers as you have.

4. Allow these flowers to dry fully! The muffin wrapper will allow the flower to open up and still keep its shape.

5. Create a beautiful dried bouquet using your perfectly dried flowers!

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