Ken Wingard is making a versatile sign perfect for a Fall welcome.
DIY Home Sign
Home Decor
Seasonal Event:


  • 1 frame 11 3/4 x 36
  • 1x2 wood cut to:
    • 37 1/2 x2
    • 11 1/2 x2
  • MDF board 1/4” cut to:
    • 37 ½ x 13”
  • Scrapbook paper 12x12
  • 1” hinges x2
  • 1 set of hook and staple hardware 3/4”
  • Hobby chain
  • Wire cutters
  • 2 screws
  • Paint to match the wall where displayed
  • Wooden craft letters 6”
  • 6” seasonal decorative wooden cutouts
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Nail gun or nail and hammers
  • Circular saw or other desired saws
  • Velcro strips
  • Picture wire and d rings or desired hanging hardware


  • Balsawood
  • X-Acto knife
  • Pencil


  • Wood glue
DIY Home Sign - Home and Family


  1. To create the shadow box, first you need to construct the box. Cut the 1” x 2” to length, butt joint the frame with the longer pieces sandwiching the shorter and nail in place. PRO TIP: Apply wood glue in any place the wood meets before securing with nails for extra security.
  2. Cut the 1/4” MDF to size and attach it to the bottom of the box frame with nails.
  3. Paint the box desired color, allow to dry.
  4. Attach the frame to the box with hinges, place the frame face down and the box opening side down on top of it. Attach the hinges on one of the long sides.
  5. Add the hook and staple in the center of the opposite side the hinges are attached to for secure closure. The closure will go at the top when hung, the hinges on the bottom of the sign.
  6. Screw chain into inside of box and backside of frame as a safety stop so the frame doesn’t swing open all the way when switching out “O” icons.
  7. Frame the scrapbook paper, wall or wrapping paper in between the glass and backing of frame. PRO TIP: if using scrapbook paper, line up the paper and seam the back using tape before framing for a seamless appearance.
  8. Create custom “O” replacement icons if desired with balsa wood and X-Acto knife.
  9. Paint letters and “O” icons if desired.
  10. Hot glue the letters “H” “M” “E” in place on the glass. Make sure to arrange and measure out the spacing of the entire word with the “o” in place before securing in place.
  11. Apply velcro to the decorative back of each icon and one dot in the center between the “H” and “M” to swap out icons easily. Make sure you use all one side, the soft or prickly of the velcro for the icons and the other for the box.
  12. Add a velcro strip inside the box in a horizontal line across the center of the box to store decorative seasonal “O” icons.
  13. Add hardware to the back, hang as desired and enjoy!

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