Words from the Heart

That evening, Abigail hosts her first town hall as Mayor and the the citizens of Hope Valley listen to a presentation made by Ray Wyatt, hoping to convince the audience to jump on board with his plans. Afterwards, some residents voice their concerns with the railroad coming to town. Henry later compliments Abigail with how well she conducted herself in the meeting. However, she is also met by an angry farmer named Jed, who is worried that with the railroad coming through, he’ll lose his property and livelihood. Abigail assures him that things will all work out and nobody will take advantage of him. Jack offers to take Jed to look at some new property outside of town he can lease instead.

Lee invites Murphy over to the house after the meeting so they can work on a bid for the railroad. Rosemary calls him “honey bunny,” leaving Lee a bit embarrassed, since this is the second time she has called him that in front of a colleague. He retaliates by calling her “squidget,” much to her dismay. A frustrated Rosemary tells Lee she will just take her homemade dessert next door to hand over to Elizabeth and Jack, since all they have is cherry cobbler. Curious to know how she knows this information, Lee accuses of her listening through their very thin walls. When Rosemary shows up next door with her chocolate cake, both Jack and Elizabeth are eager to have their snooping neighbor leave.

Later, Jed and Jack take a look at the property being offered to Jed, but it is just dry dirt and rocks. A frustrated Jed points out that he is a farmer and this is not the kind of land he can make a living on. Jed does not want to move, and neither does his daughter.