Sunday February 24 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Words from the Heart

Season 4 - Episode 2

It’s a beautiful day in Hope Valley, and Elizabeth and Jack enjoy a romantic boat ride on the lake. Meanwhile, at the Café, Abigail faces petty complaints from Hope Valley citizens, covering subjects that range from noisy chickens to stinky burning grass. Back in the kitchen, she vents to Bill, who tells her there is a chance she may have to stay on as substitute mayor longer than expected if Henry doesn’t get cleared of his criminal charges. Their conversation is interrupted when a representative from the Pacific Railroad stops by wanting to talk to Abigail. Introducing himself as Ray Wyatt, the man states he is interested in running a railroad through Hope Valley.

Later, Elizabeth has a tough day at school. She introduces a new student to the classmates, Cyrus, whose father works for the railroad. She explains that they should expect more students to join their classroom if Hope Valley builds a railroad through town. When she notices how stand-offish the students are to Cyrus, Jack offers up a suggestion: start a baseball league to encourage teamwork. Elizabeth agrees and two baseball teams are formed, with Jack and Elizabeth as head coaches.

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