With All My Heart

Back from an afternoon at the club in Hamilton, William and Grace Thatcher enter the parlor and find Julie reading alone. Julie’s recent disinterest in the normal trappings of high society comes much to the chagrin of her parents. Grace does her best to pique Julie’s interest in returning to the Hamilton social scene, but Julie is unmoved. Angered by her parents’ meddling, Julie tells them she no longer belongs in Hamilton or with her parents, who care more for outward appearances than her actual feelings. As William tries to object, Julie throws Elizabeth’s leaving in his face. Julie envies Elizabeth’s tenacity to dream of a life of her own and her strength to go out and do something about it. The fight culminates with Julie telling her father, “The world is changing, Father. And you had better start changing with it.” The next day Viola, checking in on Julie, finds only a note that says she's run off, for good.

In the café, Abigail and Frank Hogan sit and enjoy a cup of tea. While they sit, Abigail decides to learn more about Pastor Frank Hogan. To Abigail’s surprise Frank is less than forthcoming about his past. Abigail knows he had a near death incident but Frank is reticent to give details, saying only that he made a mistake in his past and paid dearly for it. Abigail presses for more and Frank hesitates before saying “I guess you could say I didn't always work on the right side of the law.” He then reveals that he almost died after being shot. The revelation takes Abigail aback. Sensing the change in her demeanor Frank continues saying that after the shooting, he “made a promise to God that if he would let him live, he'd dedicate his life to doing his good work.” Still stunned, Abigail struggles to compose herself. Frank asks her to keep the information to herself and abruptly leaves, ending the awkward conversation.

The next day Jack receives an urgent telegram from headquarters ordering him to arrest Bill Avery. In Bill’s room, Jack finds the plates and counterfeit bills stuffed in Bill’s belongings. Jack angrily confronts Bill who insists that the items are just part of the investigation. Bill then tells Jack that he has reason to believe that someone on the inside is working with the counterfeiters. Bill assumes his long friendship with Jack will convince Jack to give him leeway, but duty bound, Jack disarms Bill and takes him into custody. As Jack escorts him to the jail both Henry Gowen and Nora are on the street, witnessing the Bill’s downfall.

Back in his room, Jack stands in front of the mirror, rehearsing his lines and trying to pick out the perfect suit. Earlier Jack was spotted in the Mercantile receiving a small gift-wrapped box. Both he and Mr. Yost were very excited, but the boxes contents were not immediately clear. Now, in his best suit, Jack and his little box head off to the schoolhouse. Inside, Elizabeth is finishing her lesson when the door opens. She turns and surprise overcomes her as the small box opens, revealing a stunning diamond engagement ring. Unfortunately for Jack, Charles arrived at the schoolhouse first to propose on one knee to Elizabeth. Behind them, Jack enters the open door of the schoolhouse to witness the proposal. Unsure what to do, he turns, leaning against the door and closing himself off from Elizabeth’s line of sight. In silence, Jack stands outside the schoolhouse, struggling to understand what he has just seen.

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