Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

With All My Heart

As the rain clears, Jack and Elizabeth are finally able to leave the mine. Jack finally finds Rip and all three are united. Elizabeth realizes that throughout the difficult stretch they’ve been given a second chance at a future together. And while the future is uncertain, Jack assures her that together they can overcome any obstacle. Jack looks deep into Elizabeth’s eyes, puts his hands to her cheek and tells her he loves her. She says the same to him and the two share a tender kiss.

Outside Hope Valley, Bill Avery frantically digs through a disturbed patch of ground. With the threat of a long prison sentence, Dirk finally gave up the location of the counterfeit money. As Bill digs he strikes a metal lockbox that contains the bundles of counterfeit notes. At the same time and unbeknownst to Bill, a telegram has arrived at Mountie headquarters, alerting the superintendent of his activities in Hope Valley.

Back in town, Rosemary confronts Lee about the ‘misunderstanding’ between them. Since Lee began showing interest in Molly, Rosemary has been forced to confront her own feelings of jealousy. As she explains to Lee, she only brushed him off to avoid racing into a relationship. She’s made that mistake before and hurt someone she loved. Lee instantly knows that she’s talking about Jack. Having accepted losing Jack, she doesn’t want to do the same with Lee. Through his smile, Lee agrees to renew courting Rosemary. But unbeknownst to Rosemary, Lee’s relationship with Molly was a farce in order to bring Rosemary around.