With All My Heart

As the rain washes down onto Hope Valley, Elizabeth and Jack sit teary eyed in the old mine, pouring out their emotions. Elizabeth’s revelation that she fears losing Jack has brought into focus their feelings for each other. As they talk, they hear barking in the distance. Following the echoing barks, Elizabeth walks down an abandoned shaft. As she does, a support beam breaks loose and pins her to the ground. Jack runs to Elizabeth and pulls her from the rubble. As he does, the roof gives way, forcing Jack to grab hold of Elizabeth and roll them both to safety. Her knee injured, Elizabeth insists that they continue the search for Rip, but Jack will have none of it until he is certain that she is ok. They head back to fire to warm up and tend to Elizabeth’s injury.

Earlier in the day, Nora cornered Abigail in the Mercantile and begun hurling more accusations at her. Beyond embarrassed, Abigail now confronts Bill outside of the Western Union. Puzzlement comes over Bill’s face as Abigail recounts the story. Bill is surprised at Nora’s persistence, but also that Nora was able to find him in Hope Valley.

On the rain covered street Bill Avery spots the man responsible for the drama with Nora. Unknown to Hope Valley, Gowen, Bill, and Nora have a shared past. In fact, Henry and Nora had been an item. Their relationship ended when racketeering charges against the mining company led to Gowen’s transfer to Hope Valley. Bill led the investigation and, although the charges were eventually dropped, Gowen lost Nora.

Back in Hamilton, Viola escorts Charles into the drawing room to wait for William Thatcher. They make small talk that eventually leads them to the topic of Elizabeth. When Charles asks about her, Viola snidely tells him that she’s back “playing teacher in the wild west.” Clearly fed up with Elizabeth’s headstrong ways, Viola uses this opportunity to enlist Charles into convincing Elizabeth to abandon her dreams and come home. Viola tells Charles that if he doesn’t tell her how he feels, he’ll regret it for his entire life.