With All My Heart

In the driving rain, Jack and Elizabeth make their way into the now old mine. Inside Elizabeth notices an abandoned campsite, probably left by prospectors. Elizabeth heads to a makeshift fire pit, grabs two sticks, and begins rubbing them together to start a fire. Unfortunately her reading a book on camping has not adequately prepared her for the real thing. Noticing this, Jack offers to grab the matches from his saddlebag. The amusing moment is the first sign that despite their differences, she and Jack still care deeply for each other.

In the jail, Bill uses alcohol to help ease Dirk’s interrogation. Bill’s investigation revealed that the gang had the resources to print about 1,000 fake bills. The Mounties have already seized about half the bills and are under the assumption that the gang hid the remaining loot. Bill decides this is the time to strike a deal, offering Dirk 10% of the take in exchange for his freedom and the name of the ringleader. Dirk initially declines the offer, but Bill is willing to give him time to think the deal over.

With the fire now roaring, Jack and Elizabeth are alone and forced to discuss their current problems. While they have argued around the issue, Jack finally admits that he cannot reconcile the Elizabeth he saw pumping water on a homestead with the image of her in all the finery of Hamilton. Elizabeth too admits that when she saw Jack confront the armed counterfeiter, Elizabeth realized that Jack’s job could kill him, just like his father. And while she admires his bravery and sense of duty, she also admits to herself and to Jack that she may not be strong enough to live her life with someone who may never come home from work.