Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

With All My Heart

Back in Abigail’s café, Pastor Frank Hogan is busy finishing up the repairs. Abigail brings him a drink and pointedly asks why he’s helping her. Pastor Hogan reveals that when he first arrived, he learned about the painful tragedy that befell the town. And as he got to know the townsfolk, they all said that the one thing that helped them through the dark times was Abigail. Her stalwart attitude helped so many of Hope Valley’s residents that Frank felt it was his duty to give return the gesture.

Meanwhile, Bill Avery arrives back in Hope Valley to interrogate Dirk, the counterfeiter Jack arrested. Bill tells Dirk the only way he’ll avoid spending life in prison is to cooperate. As Bill talks to Dirk, Jack arrives at the jail. Bill’s presence comes as a surprise to Jack, who had been told by headquarters that the counterfeiting case was closed. Bill nonchalantly tells Jack he’s just wrapping up a few loose ends with the case. Despite his close relationship with Bill, it’s clear that Jack is skeptical of Bill’s true motives.

In the Saloon, Rosemary is busy working on the latest installment of her column. As she does, she overhears Molly Sullivan telling Florence about the new man in her life. It appears that after Rosemary rebuffed his advances, Lee approached Molly Sullivan and began courting her. Molly appears quite smitten with Lee, while eavesdropping Rosemary is left fuming.

As Jack arrives at the café, Elizabeth is hard at work on repairs. The tension between them has only grown since the morning’s confrontation. Elizabeth demands to know why Jack said she wasn’t being honest with herself. Jack says Elizabeth stayed in Hamilton, not because of her mother, but because of Charles. Elizabeth responds, making a similar accusation about Jack and Faith. The argument quickly returns to Jack’s feelings about Elizabeth’s family and their upper class world. The two are at a clear impasse and, instead of continuing to fight, decide to again go their separate ways.

In Hamilton, the lovelorn Julie has become emboldened to challenge her parents and their traditional views. Eager to break out of her societal bonds, Julie accuses her parents of looking down on Tom and Jack because of their simple background. Later that day, Julie has a similar fight with Viola, who has no qualms about looking down on the Thornton brothers. Julie responds by questioning if Viola is in love with Sir Lionel or his social status.